Disneyland’s 65th Anniversary Merchandise Arrived Online to a MASSIVE Virtual Queue

In celebration of Disneyland’s 65th Anniversary on July 17, a new line of merchandise was released last week at World of Disney during the grand reopening of Downtown Disney.

World of Disney at Disneyland

It was also announced that those merchandise items, which include a new spirit jersey, Minnie Ears, and more, will be available for purchase online, starting at 10:00 AM PST today.

When the collection launched online this morning, the response was rapid as tens of thousands of shoppers hopped into a virtual queue for their opportunity to claim these special edition items. So many shoppers joined the line that it has needed to be paused from time to time.

shopDisney’s Virtual Queue for the 65th Anniversary Merchandise

One of the most highly sought out items was the Commemorative Coin, which was sold out as of 11:49 AM PST.

© Disney

Soon after, the Loungefly Mini Backpack and the Disneyland Marquee-Boxed Jumbo Pin were also sold out.

© Disney

This anniversary is particularly unique in that Disneyland will be closed on July 17. The parks were originally scheduled to have their grand reopening on the exact anniversary date, but those plans ended up being delayed until further notice.

We will continue to monitor this story and will provide updates as we learn more!

Did you attempt to purchase items from the 65th Anniversary collection today? Let us know in the comments!

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11 Replies to “Disneyland’s 65th Anniversary Merchandise Arrived Online to a MASSIVE Virtual Queue”

  1. Never even had a chance with 78,000, yes thats right, people ahead of me in the online queue. So unfair!!! AND all THOSE people have all the merchandise for sale on ebay for twice or three times as much!!! Thanks a lot! Thats really unfair.

  2. Yes, was above 70,000 and waited hours upon hours, selected my items and was dropped at 4:30 in the morning! Got back in the queue at 26,000 and at 16,000, it said the event was over. Seems like there has to be a better way.

  3. Yes. I was 68,527. Waited over 12 hours then it popped up an error stating my time in line expired. Tried to get back in line but it stated it was over. Really disappointed. Really wanted the shirt and the hoodie

  4. Many items sold out, but were not removed from the shopping list. These are now being sold on e-bay by price gougers.

  5. I was late to the party but got in line with around 74,000 ahead of me. I was in line for over 12 hours and had about 8,000 ahead of me. Of course that’s the time I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I dozed off and within an hour I missed my time slot. Woke up to a message that said your 10 minutes has expired. Seriously bummed about that.

  6. I had multiple issues. Was 719 in the queue at 10am. At 10:40 I got in, but it said the form was not available. After waiting while it retried twice, it bumped me out. Then the line was 19k. I finally got in AGAIN at 630pm. Selected literally 3 items…ears, AP pin and a tee. Asked me to upload my pass front/back. Waited, it booted me
    I was the behind 68k people. Now it seems,the link failed. I tried going in again, it’s not working. So frustrating. To see eBay price gouging sucks. Some people aren’t looking to make money. I just want a few items for my own collection. Glad I mainly focus on vintage pieces. Disneyland needs to do better with limits and their site. 😒😕

  7. I got on as soon as the sale started and 15,000 people were ahead of me. It took me six hours to get in. I went through the process and at the checkout I hit continue and it took me back to the page to upload my cast member pass. Even though I said that I am getting no discounts. Then the system stopped and said there was a fail on their end, and then I had to put things back into my cart. It kept kicking me back and it was obvious it was an error on their end. Then it kicked me off completely and I was not able to get my items. This is a bullshit system. Disney better do a lot better than this! Very frustrating.