Reports: NBA to Use Set Number of Hotels “Within the Disney Complex”

The NBA is bringing its Playoff tournament to Walt Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports, and while basketball fans are excited to wrap up this 2020 season, guests with plans this summer and early fall are anxious to learn more about how Disney will house and manage the influx of players, coaches, and support staff. Late last night, an ESPN report shared some information that might shed some light on what we can expect.

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In an article largely focused on how the NBA will handle injuries and players who can’t play because they’ve tested positive for COVID-19, a source tells ESPN that NBA players will be “contained to three specific hotels within the Disney complex” (ESPN). Lots of speculation on the internet has named specific Walt Disney World Resorts, but those were not named in the report.

NBA Teams heading to the Playoffs [Adrian Wojnarowski]
Additionally, “players will be tested for COVID-19 every night… with test results returning the next morning” according to sources. Players who test positive will not be able to return to play — hence the added concerns about how teams can manage players should their squads drop players due to injury or sickness along the way. The “advice of medical experts [is] pushing to keep the league’s personnel numbers as limited as possible within the bubble.” ESPN posits that if a team needed to pull in a player from an inactive roster, that player would be quarantined for a week in Orlando before being allowed to join practices and games.

We’ll have to wait for more confirmed details to emerge — including any Disney Resorts the NBA may use during the Playoffs, which are set to begin July 31 and may go into early-October.

Which Resorts would you house the NBA players in? Let us know in the comments! 

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2 Replies to “Reports: NBA to Use Set Number of Hotels “Within the Disney Complex””

  1. Personally, I’m not very happy that Disney decided to invite the NBA into the park setting at a time when smaller crowds and distancing is required. Seems to me that bringing the NBA into the mix invites more exposure to both the resort guests and the NBA players. MCO will be doubly crowded with the incoming guest plus NBA teams and media coverage. DisneyWorld is the ONLY location available to do Disney activities. The NBA could have played out the season anywhere else that had a gym and a few hotels, isolated from the rest of the world. It’s really frustrating to hear that park guests are likely going to have their resort bookings canceled, AGAIN!!, this time due to the NBA taking over their resort of choice.

  2. Disney is cancelling guests’ reservations in August through October at Coronado Springs. There’s been no notifications, the reservation just disappears from MDE and refund shows up on the credit card account.