Which Disney Ride Will Reign Supreme? The All Ears March Madness Attraction Showdown Starts NOW!



Alright, so to help “flatten the curve“, the parks are closed, sports are cancelled, and most of us are stuck inside practicing social distancing. That doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun, though (we did dress up our pets as Disney characters, after all). We’re hosting a virtual tournament where you can vote for your favorite Disney attraction! Many will enter, but only one will reign supreme! It’s All Ears March Madness!

Here’s how it works! Starting today and throughout the next two weeks, we will be posting match ups on our various social media channels, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and you will get to decide with iconic Disney World attraction reigns supreme!

Haunted Mansion

We’ve got a bracket right here for you to download and print out, featuring all the attractions facing off in the competition! You can download it and fill it out yourself, and root for your favorite team!

AE’s March Madness Bracket

Round One will begin later today on our Instagram page, with eight match ups. From there, we’ll rotate through our Social Media accounts every day for the rest of March until one attraction rises to the top! Here’s the complete schedule.

Round 1 (64 Attractions/32 Matchups)

3/18: 8 matchups on Instagram
3/19: 8 matchups on Twitter
3/20: 8 matchups on Facebook
3/21: 8 matchups on Instagram

Round 2 (32 Attractions/16 Matchups)

3/22: 8 matchups on Twitter
3/23: 8 matchups on Facebook

Round 3 (16 Attractions/8 Matchups)

3/24: 4 matchups on Instagram
3/25: 4 matchups on Twitter

Round 4 (8 Attractions/4 Matchups)

3/26: 4 matchups on Facebook

Round 5 (4 Attractions/2 Matchups)

3/27: 2 matchups on all platforms

Round 6 (2 Attractions/1 Matchup)

3/28: 1 matchup on all platforms

The ULTIMATE attraction winner will be announced on March 29th,but only you can decide who comes out on top! Follow us on social media, and stay tuned for the theme park battle of the century!

Will you be joining in for the All Ears Attractions March Madness? Let us know in the comments below!

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