Spider-Bots, Web Shooters, and MORE Are Coming to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure!

With great power comes great merchandising opportunities! Avengers Campus opens on July 18th at Disney California Adventure, and it’s bringing a plethora of superheroic goods to the parks!

Official Concept Art ©Disney

Whether you want to suit up to join the Avengers, or just want to make like Tivan and fill out your collection, then this new land has no shortage of amazing, incredible, and totally awesome merchandise!

The main store is WEB Suppliers, located just across from the World Engineering Brigade HQ! You’ll get to join the brigade as part of WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, where you’ll help Spider-Man round up a self-replicating swarm of rogue Spider-Bots!

Arachnophobes need not apply ©Disney

These little guys first appeared in The Superior Spider-Man limited series, when Doctor Octopus successfully takes over Spider-Man’s body and decides he could be a better hero that Peter Parker ever could. He developed these little drones to help him keep tabs on crime. Since then, they’ve made periodic appearances as adorable robot sidekicks… though they’re a bit prone to going haywire! Plus, you have to admit they’re kind of cute — cute enough to take home, perhaps?


These little guys are the Avengers Campus answer to Droid Depot. These interactive, customizable, remote controlled robots are battle ready! There will even be an arena at WEB Suppliers where you can face off against other robots!

Much like the custom astromechs at Droid Depot, you can also purchase upgrade kits, which do more than simply change the bot’s appearance! Each Kit gives them abilities inspired by another Marvel Superhero!


You can also get a backpack designed to carry your new buddy around, though unlike the Droid Depot equivalent, there’s actually room to use it as a backpack! There’s even a Spider-Man action figure that interacts with the bots!


If you want to really feel like Spidey, you can accessorize with these light-up goggles (capable of 17 unique expressions), or this web-shooter with authentic lights and sounds! You can even make your own webs at home!


There are also custom Funko POPs, including Spider-Man and Iron Man.


If all of these toys are getting your scientific-side excited, you can also get this official WEB STEM Kit, with a Rubiks Cube, Chemistry Set, and more!


Looking for something to hide your secret identity? Why not head to the Campus Supply Pod to get a selection of shirts and hoodies inspired by your favorite heroes!


We’ll have more info on all of this amazing merch when the Avengers Campus opens this summer!

Does all of this new info have you psyched for Avengers Campus? Let us know in the comments below!

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