Florida Man Driven to Tears by Brand New and Adorable “The Mandalorian” Baby Yoda Merchandise

ORLANDO – An Orlando area man was found sobbing uncontrollably into his keyboard after being shown a collection of merchandise inspired by Disney+’s The Mandalorian on shopDisney. The items in question, merchandise featuring the character known as “The Child”, AKA “Baby Yoda”, were enough to send this seemingly full-grown man into a blubbering fit.

The Child is the break out character in the new Star Wars live action series. ©Lucasfilm

“They’re just… so… CUTE!” the man was quoted as saying, with tears visibly caught in his beard. We have collected screenshots of the merchandise in question from the shopDisney.com website. Due to the adorable nature of this content, viewer discretion is not advised.

The Bounty Collection. © Disney

The figures in question, known as The Bounty Collection by Hasbro, are 2 and a 1/4” plastic figures inspired by scenes from the show. Available for pre-order now, each $16 set contains a pair of figures, kept in individual window display boxes.

“He just looks so COZY!” the Florida man was quoted as saying, referring to the “Blanket-Wrapped” iteration of the figure. “Look at his little ear poking out!” The figure, which features the Child wrapped in a blanket, is available as part of a set with the “Sipping Soup” figure.

The strongest reaction came when the man was shown the “Don’t Leave” figure, available in a set alongside the more lighthearted “Ball Toy” variation. Inspired by the scene in the series third episode where the titular Mandalorian gives Baby Yoda to his client, the wide eyes and sad features on this figure were enough to reduce the man to incoherent sobbing.

The third set includes the “Froggy Snack” and “Force Moment” figures. That made the man want to take a nap, much like Baby Yoda himself after using the force the first time.

The figure includes a bone broth bowl, frog, and ball toy. © Disney

“He’s just… so… small!” the man exclaimed, after being shown this 1 1/8″ Black Series Action Figure. Available for pre-order at $9.99, the figure maintains the more realistic appearance that Hasbro has become known for with their Black Series line. Despite this, it did little to quell the man’s incessant sobbing, which continued unabated for thirty more minutes.

The toy features a sculpted head, and includes frog and soup bowl accessories. © Disney

When shown this 7 1/2″ Talking Plush Toy, also by Hasbro, the Florida man went completely catatonic, muttering nothing but “so cute” and refusing to respond to questions. The toy, which is available for pre-order at $26.99, is slightly smaller than the non-speaking variant manufactured by Mattel, but includes sound effects from the show when you squeeze its soft body.

The man was left inconsolable after the experience, frantically pulling out his credit card to pre-order all of this new merchandise at shopDisney.com. Due to the intense reaction their images alone have evoked, we fear what will occur when these items are finally released next year.

If you have avoided being driven to tears by the intense adorableness of this merchandise, please leave a comment, and don’t forget to follow us on social media.

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