UPDATED with Photos: Baby Yoda Plush Expected to be Available Online This Afternoon — We’ll Tell You Where and When

Pre-order the Baby Yoda Plush from ShopDisney here!

Editor’s Note: As of 3:15, The Child can now be added to cart! Shop away, friends!

Editor’s Note: At 3PM, a listing on Walmart.com did show “The Child” Plush with purchasing information. Clicking the image did not open a page for the product at that time. 

The Child Plush

Clicking Add to Cart added the plush to the cart “Saved for Later”. 

The Child Plush Information

Walmart indicates the The Child Plush will arrive by May 24, 2020, but as of 3PM, The Child Plush was not available to truly purchase.

Below is our original article. 

If you’ve already settled the debate between who’s cuter — Baby Groot or Baby Yoda — and your answer was the pint-sized Jedi, you’re going to want to know that a plush “The Child” is likely to hit the internet this afternoon.

Baby Yoda ©Lucasfilm

After some confusion about a Baby Yoda “The Child” Plush on Walmart.com earlier today (it was there, then it was gone), ComicBook.com has confirmed with the mega-box store that the soon-to-be collectible will be available starting at 3PM today

According to ComicBook.com, the plush was described (in its brief appearance Walmart.com) as 11″ tall, and it cost $24.99. Given the frenzy over The Child’s merch (see what’s been released so far here), this plush is likely to sell out very, very quickly.

The Child in The Mandalorian

It appears the “The Child” won’t arrive until sometime in 2020, but we’ll keep an eye on this and update when/if The Child is reunited with its online shopping giant website parent.

Are you hoping to adopt “The Child” into your own family? Let us know which merchandise you’ve spotted and loved so far!

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  1. Buyer beware: I purchased this item this afternoon. When I went to hit the send button, it kept coming back, stating there was an issue with my information I had entered. As I kept trying to correct the issue 4 times it finally excepted the order. But here’s the kicker, every time I tried to correct it it kept sending an authorization to my CC account. Every time It reduced my spending limit. So instead of charging me $32.00 it changed me $182.00. Now they will only charge my card once when the order ships. That will be 6 months from now. So the additional charges will sit as an outstanding balance, and probably incur interest charges. Another kicker is that nobody was willing to help me get the over charges reversed. Not Disney nor my Bank. Here’s the “Buyer Beware part” when you enter your information make sure everything is entered properly before you hit the send button. If not it will incur a charge and send it to your CC provider.