Our Wish for the Next Lines of Retro-Inspired Disney Merch

If you visit the shops at the Disney Parks, you may notice an increase in the amount of retro merchandise that’s making a comeback on hangers and shelves.

Mickey Mouse Club T-Shirt

What’s old is new again, and we are more than okay with that! So much so that we are daydreaming about other retro-inspired Disney merch we want to see!

Retro Spirit Jerseys

These popular oversized shirts first appeared in Disney Parks in 2017 and took the merchandise world by storm. You can find spirit jerseys in just about every color, pattern, and theme imaginable. You can even buy event-specific jerseys for ticketed events like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! But wouldn’t it be cool to have a line of retro-themed spirit jerseys?

The Enchanted Tiki Room Spirit Jersey

Imagine if spirit jerseys were a thing in the early days of the Walt Disney Studios or when Disneyland first opened its gates in 1955? We’ve already seen spirit jerseys inspired by classic Disney World and Disneyland attractions like The Enchanted Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion, so it’s not far-fetched to think some retro spirit jerseys could hit the shops!

Retro Loungefly Backpacks

Much like the spirit jerseys, these miniature backpacks have a pattern and theme for just about every Disney film and character under the sun. What we haven’t seen much of are Loungefly backpacks inspired by the parks themselves (although the Castle options were on point!). We would definitely rock an old-school Epcot Loungefly backpack!

Loungelfy Cinderella Castle Backpack

Retro Epcot Merchandise

With the latest announcement at D23 detailing the re-branding of Epcot taking place over the next few years, new merchandise has emerged. This merchandise is totally the kind of retro vibe we want to see more of!

(The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA)
D23 EXPO 2019

We could definitely see more of this streamlined retro design dominating Epcot’s merchandise scene in the coming years. We’ll take one of each, please! 😉

The Retro Epcot Posters from D23

The re-branding of Epcot spread to the many existing rides and attractions in the park. Many attractions and park icons have a new, retro-fabulous poster.

Posters at D23

These posters grew in popularity with many guests asking where they can purchase them. Unfortunately they are not for sale… but we hope they will be!

“Outdated” Calendar Year Merchandise

Every year, Disney releases merchandise for guests to collect that signify the year that their trip took place. This tradition offers an easy way to track Disney vacations, or to mark special occasions, like honeymoons, first trips, etc.

2019 T-Shirt

While it’s easy to find the current year’s line of merchandise, once the year passes, they become near impossible to find in stores. We aren’t sure how practical this idea is, but wouldn’t it be cool to buy a Disney World sweatshirt with your birth year on it? Or an ornament with your wedding year?

What other ‘retro’-inspired merchandise would you like to see in the parks? Let us know in the comments!

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