12 Extinct Disney Foods We Wish They’d Put Back on the Menu

Disney is home to some pretty darn delicious food. From Mickey Ice Cream Bars to Crazy Cupcakes, and Giant Pretzels to Over-the-top Shakes — they’ve got everything we could ever want!

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

Well, almost anything we could ever want. Sometimes, for whatever reason, Disney takes items OFF the menu. We’re sure they have good reasons, but we sure do miss some of our favorite foods!

Here are 12 extinct Disney food items we wish would go back on the menu — courtesy of the AllEars.net team!

Broccoli Peppercorn Salad

1. The Broccoli Peppercorn Salad at Columbia Harbour House

2. BeaverTails in the Canada Pavilion

3. Coconut-crusted Tofu Thai Noodle Bowl at The Hollywood Brown Derby

4. Hot Wings at the Grand Floridian Cafe

5. Pork Shank at Gaston’s Tavern

Carrot Cake Cookie

6. The ORIGINAL Carrot Cake Cookie from Writer’s Stop (Now Baseline Taphouse)

7. Cinnamon Rolls from the Main Street Bakery

8. Baked Potatoes from the Liberty Square Market

9. Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich from Dockside Diner

10. Figaro Fries at Pinocchio’s Village Haus

11. Strawberry Swirl at Enchanted Grove (Now Cheshire Cafe)

and of course…

Starring Rolls

12. Everything In (and about) Starring Rolls Cafe

How many of these extinct Disney foods did you try? Which former Disney treat do you miss the most? Let us know in the comments!


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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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39 Replies to “12 Extinct Disney Foods We Wish They’d Put Back on the Menu”

  1. I miss the Turkey dogs at Goofys Dog House ( was in Disney Marketplace years ago . Also miss Chef Mickey’s sit down breakfast that was near Rainforest cafe in Disney Marketplace . Miss the Pantry that had treats , sandwiches , bottles of wine ( where Earl of Sandwich is now ). I could go on and on ….

  2. I cried the first time I showed up at Enchanted Geove and the Strawberry Swirl was gone from the menu. It was the best treat on a hot day! I have been hoping against hope that they will bring it back as a surprise 50th celebration treat. If they do I will make a trip to Florida specifically to get one. 🙂

  3. Gaston’s Pork Shank! That was soooo good. They’ve never managed to do another entrée half as well. Gaston’s isn’t the same without it.

  4. I miss Kouzzina loved the food there. I also miss the Steak and Fish Combo at Rose and Crown, The Big Kahuna plate at Kona Cafe, The Tacos and Burgers at Pecos Bills, The Combination plate at San Angel Inn, Sunday Supper at Enzo’s Hideaway( maybe it will come back after the COVID menu changes), The more basic and cheap lunch at Be Our Guest.

  5. I miss the croissant bread pudding at Sunshine Seasons. I use to get it for breakfast after riding Soarin’

  6. I loved the “Not Bleedin’ Chowder” at Raglan Road. It’s gone and so am I. The whole menu has been dumbed down and prices hiked up.

  7. Does anyone remember the Simba’s Paw Ice cream bar in Animal Kingdom? It was kept on dry ice in a cart by the Tree of Life, and it was most likely 2000 or could have been 2003 when my wife and i had one. it was really good and cold on a hot day walking around the Tree of Life.

  8. I nearly hit the roof when Art Smith’s Homecomin’ took the Carrot Souffle off the menu. What a wonderful pudding-y vegetable dish!

  9. The red velvet cheescake cupcake from Starring Rolls is my most missed, but the Poly’s Kona Island ditched the macadamia nut sticky buns and changed the macadamia nut banana bread which were breakfast favorites for me. Wish all three would come back. Liberty Tree also changed the ooeey gooey toffe cafe from a moist round dessert to a fairly dry square cut out of pan that fell apart when touched.

  10. The crab cake at Flying Fish. If I was travelling on my and passing through the Disney area, I would stop at Flying Fish and get a seat at the bar. Just for the crab cake. However, I enjoyed whatever entree’s I ordered in conjunction with the restaurant stop.

  11. Of course the best thing I ever tasted at WDW was one of the first to go. At Fountain blue in Epcot, they used to have something called a Fruit Tulip. It was like a fruit tart that you find in the Boardwalk Bakery but so much better! It was a tulip shaped cookie cup, the inside was coated in chocolate, then a custard cream, then beautiful glazed fruit piled high! It was stunning to look at and the best tasting thing on property! I used to eat one in the morning and one before I left! It’s like the law…if I like it, they’ll quit making it. grrrr!

  12. When they moved the Dole whip next to Tiki Birds and put the frozen orange juice where the Dole Whip used to be, they eliminated the option to just get the frozen orange juice. Now you can only get it swirled with that soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Yuck. It used to be the most refreshing treat on planet earth and I miss it terribly!

  13. My kids, now young adults, still miss the mini-hot dogs at Chef Mickey’s buffet. The loved them so much that when they were discontinued, we told our kids that they had eaten all that Disney could find.

  14. I miss the Strawberry Ice Cream Bar with the glazed coating. The current unglazed bars are fine, but nothing like the originals.

    1. They also had the best burger you could find on property! My friend was so disappointed when they took it off the menu. It was one of the only affordable things on there.

  15. I miss the real tie-dye cheesecake at Pop Century (not the pre-packaged nonsense they have now). And I would have said the homemade caramel corn at Sleepy Hallow, but I recently found out that Circus Sweets over by Dumbo makes it!

  16. Additionally, Main Street bakery had a super yummy French toast loaf. And Pecos Bills had a menu full of huge burgers , fries, hotdogs, and I might be dreaming this but Pecos Bills had a delicious chocolate cream pie! Every park needs a restaurant with no shame- huge greasy bacon cheeseburgers, hot crispy fries, good hotdogs like they sell in upstate New York (Sahlens), pie, loaded nachos, huge warm cookies. What the American Adventure in Epcot should have sold but never quite did. And how about delicious pizza! Italy in Epcot sells a good pizza slice but it’s open randomly. More donuts. Mini donuts. I see Mickey ear headbands with donuts everywhere. I need some! Must stop writing now I made myself hungry……

  17. I miss that giant ham sandwich at Starring Roles, as the writer said everything in there was wonderful. I was addicted to little corn fritters at the western cart near Splash Mountain. Norway meatballs and mashed potatoes at counter service in Norway. I miss the bakery on main street . Old Pecos Bill offerings.

    1. Speaking of the meatballs. Way back when, the meatballs were different. They had like a crunchy pickle diced throughout the whole meatball that made them amazing! And they need to bring back the all you can eat version of Akershus as well. Not just the gross cold board salad stuff. Used to be that you picked an entree and they’d bring you as much as you wanted. It made it much more worth the price.

  18. I loved the chicken corn chowder at Tusker House in AK. I keep reading that
    sunshine season’s in epcot has a corn chowder but i’ve never found it.

  19. Hi Molly! Does anybody else remember the giant chocolate chip muffins they had at “Chip & Dale’s Country Morning Breakfast Jamboree” at Pioneer Hall back in the 1990’s? That was a fun show!!