10 Incorrect Things EVERYONE Believes About Disney

For nearly a century, the Walt Disney Company has been a cultural mainstay. From films and television shows to theme parks and toys, the company has touched millions around the world in one way or another, inspiring childhood dreams and nostalgic memories alike.

Cinderella Castle

However, as with any institution that large, Disney has inspired its fair share of myths. Thanks to the internet, many of these urban legends have taken hold as “fact” even though they’ve been disproven time and time again. We’ve accumulated some of the most prevalent of these myths to prove once and for all that they have no merit.

Myth: Cinderella Castle Can be Quickly Deconstructed Before a Hurricane

While Walt Disney World has closed down several times due to hurricanes, the Magic Kingdom’s iconic centerpiece can’t be taken apart to prevent it from being damaged.

Cinderella Castle on a stormy day

Despite the castle’s magical appearance, it’s a building like any other and is just as vulnerable to any potential natural disaster.

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Myth: All of Walt Disney World is Built on Top of an Underground City

Admittedly, this myth has a kernel of truth at its core, since the Magic Kingdom is built on top of a series of underground tunnels known in Disney parlance as Utilidors.

When you’re in Magic Kingdom, you’re actually on the second level

However, outside of the area underneath Spaceship Earth at EPCOT, the system wasn’t replicated in any of WDW’s other parks.

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Myth: Walt Disney is Frozen

This myth simply refuses to die, no pun intended. After Walt Disney succumbed to cancer in December 1966, rumors spread that he had been cryonically frozen, with the hope being that he could be “thawed” out when a cure was discovered for cancer.

Walt Disney and Mickey

In later years, this myth evolved into the idea that Disney’s frozen body was kept in various places, including underneath EPCOT. However, it’s flatly untrue. While Walt did apparently show some interest in cryonics, the first human being wasn’t cryopreserved until 1967, the year after Disney died. Walt’s remains were actually cremated and interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.

Myth: Paramedics Will Only Declare Someone Dead Once They’re Off Disney Property

Once again, this urban legend — that medical teams won’t/aren’t allowed to declare someone dead until they’re off Disney property to uphold the company’s safety record — is categorically untrue.


In fact, in the 60-plus years since Disneyland opened, there have sadly been documented deaths on Disney property, including inside the theme parks.

Myth: Cast Members Portraying Toy Story Characters Will “Drop” to the Ground Any Time Someone Says “Andy’s Coming.”

This is another myth that stems from a kernel of truth. Some years ago, a photo went viral that featured Toy Story characters on the ground. A Cast Member reportedly took this photo (which was staged). That photo was then edited to say that the characters would drop to the ground and lay still like the film’s characters if a guest said “Andy’s coming.”

Woody and Jessie in Disney California Adventure

However, that is simply not something that happens. The photo is neat and the story is fun, but don’t expect the characters to fall to the ground if you say “Andy’s Coming.” It’s simply unsafe and not feasible for them to do this constantly!

Myth: There’s a Fully Constructed, Yet Unopened Boat Ride In EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion 

While there were originally plans for a Rhine River cruise attraction at the back of the pavilion, the construction never began as some believe.

Germany Pavilion

The only physical remnant of the original plan is a foyer and mural-covered wall at the location of the planned entrance gate and loading platform near the pavilion’s Biergarten restaurant. 

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Myth: Walt Disney is one of the Singing Busts in the Haunted Mansion Graveyard Scene

The busts are actually the Mellomen, a popular singing group who sang in several Disney films, as well as numerous Elvis Presley films.

Haunted Mansion’s Singing Busts

The specific members immortalized in the Haunted Mansion are Thurl Ravenscroft (often mistaken for Walt!), Jay Meyer, Verne Rowe, Bob Ebright, and Chuck Schroeder.

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Myth: The Cinderella Castle Suite As It Exists Today Was Designed for the Disney Family

This myth is a classic example of truth being conflated with later fiction. Walt Disney did have an apartment above the fire station in Disneyland, and a suite was being constructed for Walt and his family in New Orleans Square before his death — said space went on to become the Disney Gallery and later the Disneyland Dream Suite.

Walt didn’t live to see Walt Disney World or stay in the Castle Suite so it’s not as though this specific suite (as it exists today) was designed for him and his family.


The Cinderella Castle Suite was instead constructed in the mid-2000s as part of the Year of a Million Dreams promotion, carved out of a space previously used for storage and as the headquarters of the Walt Disney World phone system.

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Myth: There is a “Club 21” at Walt Disney World

For years, it’s been rumored that WDW had a version of Disneyland’s famously exclusive – and expensive – Club 33 called “Club 21” which is completely untrue.

Club 33, Is That You?

However, Disney has constructed real Club 33 locations in all four Disney World parks, which should end the “Club 21” myth once and for all.

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Myth: There’s Always a Vice President Animatronic on Standby at the Hall of Presidents in Case of Assassination

To be frank, there’s zero truth to this macabre myth.

The Hall of Presidents

It’s unknown what, if anything, Disney would do in the case of a presidential assassination, as one has never occurred while the Hall has been open. Hopefully, it’s a question that will never need an answer.

We’re sure there are even more myths circulating about The Walt Disney Company and its theme parks than these 10. Let us know some of your favorites in the comments and make sure to stay tuned to AllEars for the latest Disney news and information!

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What are some myths you’ve heard about the Disney parks, Walt Disney, or Disney movies? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. There were a bunch I didn’t know. If you watch behind the attraction on hai Ted mansion they say people thought Walt was buried u see the haunted mansion in Disneyland or frozen there. I have a feeling that’s where the rumors got started on that one.

  2. That the coat of arms on the castle is the Disney families. It’s Richard the brave hearts. The Disney crest has fleur de lis

  3. If everyone believed it, you would not know those things were incorrect. I never heard those things until I had been to Disney World at least 50 times. And I read them on a Disney site. Otherwise, I still would have never heard of them.!