8 Disney Mugs You Need in Your Life

I love purchasing a new mug each time I visit Disney World or Disneyland for a couple reasons: 1) because they’re cute as can be 2) they’re an inexpensive souvenir 3) because they help me get over my post-Disney blues.

Disneyland You Are Here Mug

Sipping from a coffee mug from Disney helps me feel a little closer to “home.” And with a ton of new awesome designs, there are a few mugs that you need to add to your Disney mug collection ASAP! 

A few of these are available at merchandise shops throughout the parks. But just in case you aren’t visiting anytime soon or can’t locate them when in the parks, they’re all available on shopDisney.com. So, really there’s no excuse for not adding one of these crazy-cute mugs to your collection!

1. Infinity Gauntlet Mug

You’ll have control of the galaxies when you SNAP your fingers and purchase the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet mug. Have you always wanted to hold an infinity stone in your hands? Well, you can hold all six with this large mug.

It can be purchased on shopDisney.com for $22.95.


2. Luxo Ball Mug

Become part of the Pixar universe with the Pixar Luxo Ball mug. This mug makes me think of Sunday mornings at home watching Toy Story when I was little, which always brings a smile to my face.

The Pixar Luxo Ball mug can be found on shopDisney.com for $22.99. I also know that it can be found in Toy Story Land at the new pop-up shop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


3. Walt Disney World Medallion Mug

Everyone needs a classic Disney mug in their collection and I think this is a great option. From the gorgeous gold medallion to the intricate sketch of the castle, this mug seems to trigger 100 sweet Disney memories.

The Walt Disney World Medallion mug and ones like it can be found throughout the parks. It is also available on shopDisney.com for $22.99.


4. Mickey Mouse Donut Figural Mug

Foodie lovers, have you ever seen a sweeter mug in your life? From the Mickey sprinkles to the donut shape, this delicious mug belongs on your mug rack.

The Mickey Mouse Donut Figural mug can be purchased on shopDisney.com for $16.95.


5. The Sword in the Stone Mug

Love this classic film? Then, you’ve gotta get a look at this Sword in the Stone mug.

I’m obsessed with the writing on the inside and the paintbrush handle. And honestly, this film and other classics like it don’t get the attention they deserve! So… I’m really happy that Disney is creating more merchandise for them.

You can get The Sword in the Stone mug on shopDisney.com for $16.99.


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6. Starbucks YOU ARE HERE Mug

These mugs are available at the Starbucks locations throughout the parks. Each one has sketches of different important park symbols and I think they’re a total mug necessity. Don’ you think it would be fun to start a collection entirely of these?

Starbucks Been There Collection: Magic Kingdom

7. Mickey Mouse Americana Mug

Just in time for the 4th of July, this mug will be the perfect way to kick off your Independence Day morning.

You can find the Mickey Mouse Americana mug on shopDisney.com for $16.99.



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8. Queen of Hearts Mug

I’m just gonna come out and say it —  the Disney Villains don’t get as much love as they deserve! That’s why I practically started screaming when I saw this Queen of Hearts mug.

The Queen of Hearts mug can be found on shopDisney.com for $16.95.


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As I said at the beginning, some of these mugs are available in the parks, but don’t forget that ALL of them are available on shopDisney.com!

Which mug is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Replies to “8 Disney Mugs You Need in Your Life”

  1. You name the Disney mug and it can be found for a quarter at any goodwill or garage sale. Probably people selling everything they own to afford their next Disney vacation.

  2. The last 2 Disney mugs I bought burned the holy h… out of my fingers when I took them out of the microwave. So, you could say I got burned twice. Once when I paid $20 each for them and again when I heated my tea up.