Mobile Order Is Coming To Select Walt Disney World Resorts

In the coming months, Disney will be adding Mobile Order options to a few Walt Disney World resorts.

Mobile Order System Update

Mobile Order currently allows you to order food and beverages from your mobile device. This gives you the ability to pick up the food when you’re ready and you get to skip the line. So really it’s a win-win situation!

The Mobile Order feature has recently experienced a few changes. From a new enhanced look to the new option to redeem dining and snack credits,  Disney is always working to make the app better!

The next improvement they’re adding is the ability to use Mobile Order at select Walt Disney World Resorts as well. A few of these locations include Everything POP Shopping & Dining located at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, Mara at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary!


A few existing resort locations already offer Mobile Order: Centertown Market and Spyglass Grill at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

Mobile Order can be accessed through your My Disney Experience App and  used throughout the Disney World parks — click here to learn more on how  and where to use Mobile Order!

Mobile Ordering

Another fun thing that we love to point out is that Mobile Order sometimes features “secret” menu options depending on the location. So keep your eyes peeled to see if there are offerings on your app that you don’t see on the regular menu.

Have you used the Mobile Order feature? Has it been useful or not? Let us know in the comments below! 

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4 Replies to “Mobile Order Is Coming To Select Walt Disney World Resorts”

  1. Has anybody heard if their is anything in the works to allow you to use your tables in wonderland discount through the app. If their going to allow mobile order at the resorts it would be nice to get the discount without having to wait in line.

  2. The more they push this the more it becomes a must rather than a time saver like FP are now. If everyone does it, then the wait increases. Plus, it relies on the app. I tried to use it, but the app was awful last visit and by the time I was through a 10 minute line to order, my app still hadn’t loaded. Did a reinstall, it was sluggishly useful for a day so I tried mobile order and the app crashed after I pushed that I was there, so I had no confirmation to show for pick up.

    1. I have used it with great success in the past. However you are correct, if everyone does it then the waits will eventually increase.