Automated PhotoPass Cameras in Testing at Walt Disney World

Fans of Walt Disney World’s PhotoPass system will want to brace themselves for some major changes. Disney World parks are testing automated PhotoPass cameras that will replace human photographers in meet and greet locations throughout the parks.

Magician Mickey at Town Square in the Magic Kingdom

Automated cameras are already in place in a number of locales, with some locations testing and others still using cast member photographers — for now. According to tweets from @WDWToday, Disney World’s official twitter account, there are currently nine testing locations where the automated cameras will be operational.

We checked out one such location — Adventurer’s Outpost in Animal Kingdom — and found that cast members were still in place. But the cameras are installed. In this case, they were built into the wall across from the meet and greet. At a Magic Kingdom location, they were installed in a box across from the meet and greet area. So basically, meet and greet locations will be giant photo booths.

Disney hasn’t released official information regarding the roll-out for the automated cameras save for the Company’s Twitter responses to guests who inquired, nor has the Company indicated that all PhotoPass cast members are being eliminated. We’ll update when more news is released.

Editor’s Note 11/16/2018:
We have been monitoring Disney’s social media responses to questions and concerns regarding this initiative and test program. Disney is replying on social media that this test program is taking place at nine locations. Photopass photographers will still be available at more than 100 locations in and around the parks. In addition, they have stated no one will be losing their job as a result of this initiative.

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3 Replies to “Automated PhotoPass Cameras in Testing at Walt Disney World”

  1. In my experience on a number of visits. Some of the photographers are very good and really get into their role, whereas there are a great many who just take a couple of bog standard shots and to be honest you feel quite deflated after…especially when you have waited in a line for an hour! At least everyone should receive the same experience.

  2. WDW version of the photo booth. Why stop there. I mean, who really needs human interaction. It’s sooooo over rated. All of the stores and restaurants at WDW need to start selling merchandise and food out of vending machines. Just think how many cast members could be eliminated there. And put the parking lot trams on a track, so no drivers needed there. Holographic parades. Another 1,000 cast members off the payroll there. Please submit your ideas here to help WDW reach a 100% human-free park by the year 2022. And the will the last human please turn out the lights as you leave.

  3. Sorry this is just another excuse to get rid of the cast members that make Disney an experience. Disney is going to keep doing this to save money and they are going to turn into a cheap product that is overpriced. It is the cast and excellence in service that gives us the magic not photo booths and ala carte experiences. I hope this does not stick. So much of the Magic is disappearing to save a dollar.