BoardWalk Ballyhoo Guided Tour – Test Mode

Boardwalk Resort

BoardWalk Ballyhoo Guided Tour – Test Mode

On select dates between now and January 25th, the Boardwalk Resort is conducting a new guest experience, the “BoardWalk Ballyhoo Guided Tour”!

This free 35 minute guided tour explores the history of the original boardwalk in Atlantic City that inspired our Disney Imagineers and showcases the artifacts, distinct period artwork and architecture unique to Disney’s BoardWalk Resort.

The tour is offered:
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – December 26, 27 and 28,
Monday, Tuesday and Friday from January 07 through January 25.

The tour starts at 2PM and meets at the Belle Vue Lounge

This is a testing period for the tour to see if it might become a regular offering.

If you take the BoardWalk Ballyhoo Guided Tour during this test period, please leave a comment with your thoughts!

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8 Replies to “BoardWalk Ballyhoo Guided Tour – Test Mode”

  1. We’ll be staying at Beach Club next week and hope to do this tour the last day they’re offering it. Thanks for the heads-up on this!

  2. My husband and I took this tour on Jan 15th. We loved it.

    Our tour guide Joe, was fantastic, as was the greeter Joe, who joined us as he is training to lead the tour. I am a big fan of the Boardwalk and thought I knew a lot about the resort (partly because of Jack Spence), yet still learned new things and was facinated throughout the whole tour.

    We discussed the artifacts in the Belle Vue Lounge and lobby and learned about the chandelier. We walked thru Luna Park pool area and around onto the Boardwalk. I’m so glad we took the time (we spent about an hour on our tour) to do this. It was one of the highlights of our stay.

    We were told that the tour has been popular so far, and were given an evaluation sheet to fill out at the end. I hope this tour stays!

    I don’t think my kids would have lasted on this tour, but mine are young. Kids 10 and up should be fine and might be interested as well!

  3. I stayed at the Boardwalk last week and took the tour. It was really neat and interesting. I love history and love to hear about Atlantic City and the person giving the tour was very knowledgeable and kind. She also was the greeter when you first enter the hotel and she remembered us 🙂 It was a great tour and I took a lot of pictures of the interesting artifacts and decorations throughout the hotel that I would have otherwise overlooked had I not gone on this tour. I hope Disney keeps this going and implements this at other resorts as well!

  4. Tried to take the tour on Friday, 1/11/2013, but tour was canx due to illness of the tour guide. will try again this Fri, 1/18/2013.

  5. I would love to take this tour as well. Had the pleasure of staying at the Boardwalk for the 1st time this past Sept and loved it. Being able to learn more about this fabulous resort, and where the inspiration for it came from, would help me appreciate it even more.