Walt Disney World Dining Bits and Bites


It is time for another Walt Disney World Dining Bits and Bites. Hopefully, now that we live in Florida, I’ll be able to do these more often.

Last week Linda and I stayed two nights at the Contemporary Garden Wing (AP Rate which we got just 10 days prior) and spent both days in the Magic Kingdom and MK resort area.

This segment contains a quick service, theme park full service and signature dining.


Chicken Chop Salad $7.69
Deb: I have not been a fan of the Contempo Cafe, my previous 2 dining experiences were not so great. However I must say the Chicken Chop Salad was very fresh and perfect for lunch. It had the right balance of veggies, protein and carbs! I always ask for dressing on the side and was glad I did. The mayo based dressing really had little flavor and the vegis more than made up for it! I would have this again and would also recommend it to you!

Contempo Cafe

Chicken Spinach and Artichoke Flatbread $8.79
Linda: This was disappointing as the description of the flatbread did not jive with what I received. The spinach and artichoke appeared to be a creamy dip spread on the flatbread – not a chicken, spinach and artichoke flatbread that was advertised. There were VERY little actual spinach or artichokes. Plus the sauce was VERY thick and not at all appetizing. I was expecting fresh spinach and chopped artichoke therefore would not order again nor recommend it.

Contempo Cafe

blue line


Heirloom Apple Salad – winter greens, aged Gouda, dried cranberries, pumpkin-apple dressing $14
Deb: I love when greens means something other than Romaine or Iceburg lettuce and I would expect nothing less from a signature restaurant. The selection of greens were crunchy and did remind me of “winter”. I loved the aged Gouda sprinkled on the top. If there was a slight disappointment with the salad it was the dressing. I felt the pumpkin-apple dressing was on the bland side and did not have the flavors I expected. That said, it was still a great salad and I would order it again!

California Grill

Creamy Parsnip and Sunchoke Soup – apple gastrique, truffled goat cheese gougere $11
Yum Yum! Sunchoke was described as a cross of the edible parts of a sunflower and an artichoke. Seasoned perfectly, not over salted, and had a savory and sweet flavor (sweet coming from the small bits of apple). The goat cheese was in a puff pastry you can see on the side of the soup in the photo. I highly recommend and I’d order again!

California Grill

Triple Cheese Flatbread – pecorino, asiago, and provolone, sun-dried tomato and arugula pesto $12
Deb: I didn’t want a full, heavy dinner and so opted for the salad above and this flatbread. I’m not much of an adventurous eater so this fit the bill for me perfectly. I’m a big fan of flatbreads from the signature restaurants with Jiko and California Grill making some of my most favorites!

California Grill

Dragon Roll – spicy and tataki tuna, shrimp tempura, bell pepper, avocado, chili soy glaze $28
Linda: Another Yoshi (Sushi Chef Extraordinare) Winner! A superb and very filling entree. If shared would make a great appetizer for 2. The only thing I didn’t care from was the red bell pepper. Highly recommend and I’d order again.

California Grill

blue line


Colony Salad – Washington apples, sweet pecans and applewood smoked cheddar, dried cranberries Craisins, and grilled chicken tossed with field greens in honey shallot vinaigrette $14.49
Deb: I love lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern. The Colony salad is a wonderful blend of flavors accented with the apples. I forgot to order the dressing on the side so it was a bit “soupy” for me, but that was my error. I’ve had this salad before and I’ll have it again – try it next time!

Liberty Tree Tavern

Pilgrims’ Feast – traditional roast turkey with herb bread dressing, mashed potatoes and a garden vegetable $14.99
Linda: This hit the spot. I debated between this and the Tri-Corner sandwich and the server recommended the turkey – Spot on! Some of the most moist and tender turkey breast I’ve had in a long time. Green beans cooked just right, dressing was yummy – I joined the Clean Plate club for this one! Highly recommend!

Liberty Tree Tavern

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Contempo Cafe
California Grill
Liberty Tree Tavern Lunch

That’s it for this edition of WDW Dining Bits and Bites!

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10 Replies to “Walt Disney World Dining Bits and Bites”

  1. thanks for these item reviews and great photos.
    A sunchoke is also known as a jerusalem artichoke. whilst it is a member of the sunflower family it has nothing to do with artichokes. It is a root vegetable. comes out of the ground looking like a white ginger, but it is very much like the richest, creamiest potato. And in cooking you can bake it, mash it or puree it – such as in this soup! Quite lovely!

  2. Just wanted to say welcome to Florida

    We met at the Disney food blog a couple of months ago

    We moved from upstate new York in 2006 when we retired since we are big Disney fans this was a perfect move for us

    Again welcome to the sunshine state


  3. I’m shocked to hear that the flatbread at Contempo Cafe didn’t hit the spot. We had the most amazing Marinated Beef flatbread there. We arrived tired and hungry from a 7 hour drive and got to Contemporary at 11:50 pm, 10 minutes before Contempo Cafe closed at midnight. We didn’t expect much from a quick service food outlet at that time of night, but that was one of the best items I have had at Disney! It was so good, I had it 3 more times that week (every time we didn’t go to a high-end table service restaurant. I have even looked at your recipe section to see if I could possibly duplicate it at home – it was THAT good! Didn’t see that recipe listed -would love it if you get a chance to get it!

  4. Great to see both of you reporting from your new hometown, congrats! We are staying at Bay Lake Tower soon and planning on enjoying the fresh and fun food at The Wave. We love Yoshi’s sushi too!

  5. Loved your review. We just moved to Celebration. We have eaten at every restaurant at the Parks and are now trying for the others in the Resorts now that we are just a few miles away. I look forward to trying more lunch time fare. Thanks

  6. I’m so delighted to find your dining reviews! We leave in two weeks and have reservations at both the California Grill and the Liberty Tree Tavern. I was actually planning on ordering both the Heirloom Apple Salad and one of the flatbreads at California Grill and the Colony Salad at Liberty Tree Tavern. After seeing your pics and reading your reviews, I am getting quite excited about my dining choices now! Thanks Ladies!

  7. This was fabulous and I look forward to reading more! 🙂

    Can I say how much I love that your LTT salad came in a triangular bowl reminiscent of a tri-corner hat? Disney is so clever.

  8. Love your site and this new blog. The pics of the food are fabulous and have my mouth watering for our trip in 2 months! Great job, great detail and thank you, from Disney lovers everywhere for keeping us in the magic between trips.

  9. Deb & Linda,
    Thanks for the reviews and photos. We’re in WDW at the end of February and can’t wait to take my MIL to Liberty Tree. Her favorite thing in the world is turkey dinner so she should love this.

    Thanks for all you do and Happy New Year!
    Jean from Maine

  10. Love the photos with the food descriptions! Can’t wait to try out some new spots on our trip in April/May! Cheers to your new life in Florida!