The Contemporary’s Wave Tests a Breakfast Buffet

During December 2010, the Wave restaurant, in the Contemporary Resort, tested out a breakfast buffet. Guest feedback was very positive so the trial run will continue through January 2011.

Cost is $18.49 for adults and $10.99 for children and includes non-specialty beverages.

Almost every item on the regular menu is on the buffet, even Eggs Benedict. About the only thing not on the buffet are omelets.

Laura, Mike and myself dined there and found the food hot and yummy. Don’t miss the cheese grits 🙂

The Wave Breakfast Buffet at Contemporary

Classic Salmon with egg, capers, onion and tomato
The Wave Breakfast Buffet at Contemporary

Seasonal Fruit – Citrus and Strawberries
The Wave Breakfast Buffet at Contemporary

Cottage Cheese, fruit, jams
The Wave Breakfast Buffet at Contemporary

Bananas, Grapes, Muesli
The Wave Breakfast Buffet at Contemporary

Assorted Pastries
The Wave Breakfast Buffet at Contemporary

Assorted Pastries
The Wave Breakfast Buffet at Contemporary

Pork Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits and Gravy
The Wave Breakfast Buffet at Contemporary

Mickey Cinnamon Buns, Ham and Cheddar Quiche, Cheese Grits with Bacon, Breakfast Potatoes, Applewood Smoked Bacon
The Wave Breakfast Buffet at Contemporary

Mickey Waffles, Sweet Potato Pancakes with Pecan Butter, Eggs Benedict
The Wave Breakfast Buffet at Contemporary

Dried Cereal
The Wave Breakfast Buffet at Contemporary

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20 Replies to “The Contemporary’s Wave Tests a Breakfast Buffet”

  1. What are the hours of this breakfast buffet? If you have dining plan, would this be one or two credits? Looks delicious

    AllEars It is one dining credit. Not sure the hours, but I have eaten there as early as 8am. Check with WDW to be sure.

  2. The buffet is still running as of today, Feb 3. We plan to easy there tomorrow morning, and can report any changes if necessary.

  3. Will they be continuing this buffet or is it scheduled to stop or will it continue through March?

    ALLEARS: We understand this is now permanent.

  4. We ate at The Wave several times during our stay (1/4 through 1/12) and found the service and food to be excellent. It’s the Contemporary’s best kept secret; the place was EMPTY! The sweet potato pancakes are TO DIE FOR!

  5. The menu items definitely change. We ate at The Wave twice while we were there in December, and the sweet potato pancakes weren’t on the line either time.

  6. Is that real bacon? As opposed to the thin standard bacon served at most of the restaurants and breakfast buffets?

    If so, that may be reason enough in itself to try this out!

  7. I agree with Deb regarding the Wave being better than Captain’s Grille. I think their breakfast is fabulous, if not the best on property. It is as fresh as it gets. The biscuits are made from scratch and they are amazing! I love the healthy choices they have (without sacrificing flavor).

  8. Hi Deb! My family loves The Wave, and we have dined there quite a few times since its opening. We love the healthier eating options, and the organic offerings. I wish the new buffet much success, and hope it’s still there during our next visit.

  9. Any idea if it will run past January? We’re planning a trip the first weekend in February and would love to try it.

  10. WOW… this is what we need with Mike unfortunately leaving…..someone else with some park happenings!!!!

  11. Did the Mother’s Day buffet there last year, and this looks like the same menu minus the carving and omelet stations. I am thrilled to see they may be adding this permanently, because the food was delicious!! And I second the “don’t miss” on the cheese grits–was also my favorite item!

  12. It looks very good and we will be staying at the Contemporary in August, I sure hope it becomes a regular thing.

  13. I was worried that they would not offer sweet potato pancakes on their buffet, but was glad to see them there! 🙂

    DEB: I was told items on the buffet may change. The type of quiche may vary. Also the pancakes may or may not be on the buffet.

  14. Deb,

    Are they serving pretty much the same stuff as The Captain’s Grille at the Yacht Club? That’s one of my favorite buffets for breakfast. Quiet and great service!

    DEB: It has been several months since I was at the Captain’s Grille for buffet breakfast. I thought the food at the Wave was better. We all enjoyed it. That said, it is quiet over at the Grille.