Summer Nightastic Fireworks

Last night, June 6, 2010, Summer Nightastic officially debuted at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and I was on hand for the festivities. The night before, I filmed the Main Street Electrical Parade and last night I filmed the new fireworks presentation.

I know that many of you have a very fond spot in your heart for Wishes, but in my opinion, this is a better show. I think Disney took the best of Wishes and combined it with some spectacular elements from other pyrotechnic displays to come up with a real winner. The perimeter fireworks especially immerse the viewer in the magic.

I always felt that with Wishes, it was mandatory to stand somewhere on Main Street or The Hub to appreciate the show. And I still think this is the best spot for the Nightastic fireworks. But I feel the Nightastic display could also be enjoyed from other vantage points around the park better than its predecessor.

The show is over ten minutes in length and is narrated by Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and by Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather who continue their argument over “pink” and “blue.” Captain Hook chimes in for a good battle and Tinkerbell still makes her historic flight.

In order to post my video on YouTube it was necessary to edit the show slightly. However, I only cut dialogue, not any of the fireworks. And as is the case with so many things, seeing an event in person is always better. My video might give you a good idea of what the show is all about, but nothing compares to actually seeing the fireworks in person and feeling the explosions reverberate in your body.

Summer Nightastic Fireworks plays through August 14 of this year. They are worthy of your attention.

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47 Replies to “Summer Nightastic Fireworks”

  1. Does Magic Kingdom have fireworks after 8/14? I booked at BLT to watch the fireworks from the observation deck, and see that it is stopping. Any word?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The Magic Kingdom has some sort of fireworks show every night. In all probability, Wishes will return for the fall season. The view is great from BLT.

  2. I saw the show three times last week while at WDW. It is the best fireworks show that I have seen at Disney. It reminds me of some of the elements of the old Sorcery in the Sky show at the Studios. The perimeter fireworks are awesome.

    You are right about the alternate viewing areas. On our last night we watched it from the bridge to Tomorrowland off the hub. Great viewing spot.

  3. Oh Jack, I love you for posting stuff like this! I had to cancel my trip to come see them myself–thank you for posting a video of them! It gives me chills!

  4. Thanks Again!!! I wish I could get down there this summer to see the fireworks. They were awesome. Have to get used to not hearing wishes, even though I have a great video of it when we took our daughter last year when she was 18 months. Everytime I watch it I have to fight back tears. Hopefully next year will be something great also. We will be returning with what will be our 3 year old daughter and 18 month old son.

  5. Can’t wait to see it! We are celebrating my son’s & daughter’s birthdays witha fireworks cruise. Given the change in how the display is presented, do you think the vantage point from the boat will still be ok?

  6. Thank you for recording and posting this Jack! I’m tearing up during the video – I imagine I’ll have tears streaming if I get to see it live. This is simply a amazingly beautiful show. Oh, please, Disney – keep Nightastic through August 23rd. Please?!? 🙂

  7. I think ‘Wishes’ is the superior firework show in this case. I was there on June 6th to see this new show and I left halfway in. When I go to the Magic Kingdom to watched ‘Wishes’ in the past, I could leave and feel satisfied. That show has me in tears most of the time and definitely gives me a sense of ‘magic’ surrounding my experience. And this ‘new’ show did not. I really hope they decide to bring back ‘Wishes’ August 15th because I will be SO disappointed if I’m having my birthday dinner at Ohana and hear this piped into my evening.

  8. We also saw the fireworks on 6/5 from BLT and 6/6 from Main Street. Viewing from Bay Lake was very convenient and provided a bird’s eye view of the whole show. From Main Street (right in front of the art store) we were unable to see any perimeter fireworks – what a waste. In my family’s opinion, there is way too much talking in the program. Many times the characters talk for 1+ minutes with little going on. From where we stood in MK, it was very hard to understand what they were saying. On that night in MK, many many many people left partway through. Most of the people around us commented that Wishes was far better.

  9. Jack, you are awesome (once again)! We don’t usually make it to WDW during the summer so I had been reading about all of the Summer Nightastic news with mixed emotions – excited that all these new or re-imagined things were taking place but also sad that we’d miss them. Thank you so much for taking the time to record (and post) such wonderful videos for us to enjoy at home, miles and miles away from our happy place 🙂

  10. since I am sitting at work and going through Disney withdrawl at the moment (just got back 2 days ago 🙁 ) I love reading your blog! I can’t believe I just had a wonderful view of these fireworks sitting at Casey’s a short week ago!

  11. Saw Summer Nightastic on June 9th and loved it! We liked the pirate portion of the show the best AND that they brought the fireworks out at a wider angle where it seemed to surround you rather than having them just behind the castle. Our passes are on blackout until August 20th, so we are in withdrawls already, but we’re so glad we were able to catch Nightastic once!

  12. Hey Jack,

    Like I mentioned in the MSEP comment, I was there on AP preview night. We weren’t in the best spot to see some of the larger fireworks (a tree was conveniantly blocking our view), but like you said, with this new show, there really isn’t a bad spot. Like many others, the pirate sequence astounded me. I can’t wait to see this show again!

    Quick question: Did you try out the special glasses given to APs? How did you like them? I found them to be a distraction from the beautiful fireworks. I quickly removed them.


    Jack’s Answer:

    Since I was filming the show, I did not use the glasses. However, I knew they were the same type glasses that Disney occasionally gives out for the Osborne Family Lights and I’ve never been that impressed with them.

  13. Will Wishes return to Magic Kingdom after Summer or will a new show be presented?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Nightastic has been billed as a “summer event” that will play through August 14th. Disney has made no announcement as to what will be happening after that date. I can make the assumption that Wishes will return, but I have no real information to support this.

  14. Great video! I cried watching it. I think I’m going to have to put my new AP to use and take a weekend trip to see the fireworks and new night parade.

  15. Thanks so much for this video!
    I’m going to reserve final judgement until I see the fireworks for myself next month but they don’t seem to hold a candle to Wishes. Wishes had that whole Disney feel good theme that you expect from Disney. It was more than just a fireworks show. This seems to be, let’s shoot offsome fireworks and oh yea…put some dialog in too. But maybe I’ll feel different when I see them live.

  16. Jack, I am always a fan of the hard work you and the others pour in to this site. I’m going to have to split with the other commentators, however. In my personal opinion, it seems that this display lacks the polish and panache that Disney in general puts on their shows, and specifically lacks the magic that Wishes has. Perhaps it was the weather that evening, but many of the large mortars aren’t even clearing the top of the castle. I was very excited to get a look at this show, but now I’m not so sad that August 15th will be the first day of my vacation. Still looking forward to the Electrical Parade though! As always Jack, great job! Look forward to reading more of your blog!

  17. As someone who goes every year in March, I am slightly upset that I won’t get to see this 🙁 It looks very good. We have never done a Princess and Pirate party so it’s all new to me. I love how Tinkerbell flies during the show and not at the beginning like in Wishes. I hope they keep this for longer than summer! Or should I say I wish…

  18. I’m so excited to see this show this summer!! Watching your video brought tears to my eyes. I LOVE Wishes but this looks maybe even more amazing! Love the music and especially the pirate part. Since I never could see the Pirate and Princess Party Fireworks, I’m so thrilled to be able to enjoy this wonderful show this summer. Thank you so much!!

  19. we arrive on july 3rd from scotland staying at port orleans,this will be our 4th visit to the world and cant wait to see the new fireworks display,your video was awesome and thanks for building up our excitement.cheers.

  20. Jack what will we do without you
    We will be coming at the end of june and we can’t wait.The fireworks never get old for me so seeing it in another version is great.How did you get the video above everyone’s head?

  21. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME JACK! Can’t wait to see it.We will be there Aug.10th.Thank you for all your work you get my family & I threw the times when we can’t be there.

  22. Great video Jack. I wish I could go and see it in person. I especially enjoyed the whistling during Beauty and the Beast 🙂

  23. When does Tinkerbell fly? I can’t see the video on my work computer, and I ALWAYS seem to miss her when I am at MK. My husband and I are taking our 15 month old son, 6 year old niece, and in-laws to MK and would love for them to see her fly.

    Jack’s Answer:

    She flies about 8 or 9 minutes into the show — right after the pirate battle.

  24. Hi Jack! I just watched the Summer Nightastic video you posted, and it gave me chills. I will be seeing it for the first time July 9th., and I can hardly wait. The new fireworks and parade are worth visiting Disney this summer alone!!!

  25. Brill. We dont arrive until late evening of 14 August so wonder what will be on from the 15th?

    Jack’s Comment:

    Disney presents a fireworks show every night. So even if the new Nightastic show has ended, you will be treated to a pyrotechnic display of some sort. However, a nighttime (electrical) parade is NOT presented every night (except summertime) so you may or may not be seeing a parade in the evening. But there is always an afternoon parade.

  26. Jack,
    I was there last week and saw this show from the Bay Lake Towers. I assume you filmed this video from there. I have been reading your posts for years and hate that I didn’t get a chance to thank you in person. I took the “Behind the Seeds Tour” last week based on your review. Loved it! I hope Disney shows you the respect you deserve. The nightime parade was fantastic too. We got to see it last year at Disneyland. The Baylake Towers are a really nice lodging option for families with big huge teenagers! We loved it!

    Jack’s Comment:

    Actually, Disney doesn’t really know who I am (except when I’m invited to a press event). But since the cast members treat everyone like they’re special, I’m always made to feel more than welcome. 🙂

    BTW, I did write a review about the “Behind the Seeds Tour,” but that was a couple of years ago. I suspect you were referring to the recent article written by my friend Dizney Mike.

  27. I’m not sure why everyone thinks this is a “new” fireworks show. All along Disney has been saying that it’s a modified version of the “Magic, Music, Mayhem” fireworks show that not too many people saw by attending the Pirate & Princess Parties. I look forward to just seeing something different other than Wishes for the zillionth time when we go this summer.

  28. Hi Jack,

    The pirate sequence is my favourite as well. It’s like they’re coming out of the castle as part of a battle.

    Wish we could see it in person but your video was excellent.


  29. Hi Jack,
    We are leaving in a few days for Disney and I can’t wait! We usually go in August during the free dining so I am excited that we are going a little earlier this year and will be able to see the Electrical Parade and the new fireworks. I liked Wishes, but it will be nice to see something new. Thanks for your posts of the parade and fireworks. It makes our countdown that much more exciting!

  30. I was able to see the new fireworks show and the return of the Main Street Electrical parade on June 6th. The weather was hot and almost unbearable, but it was worth it! I knew that the area in front of the castle would be crowded so we saw it in back of the castle near Mickey’s Philharmagic. I love seeing the fireworks all around me! I will want to see it in front of the castle, during the dessert party, and from the beach of the Polynesian! Each place brings a different view and never fails to bring a tear to me eye.

  31. I think Hallowishes is still my family’s my favorite fireworks show at Walt Disney World but we are looking forward to this display during our trip in July. Thanks as always Jack.

  32. Yes…is true that is not the same feeling to see the fireworks in person than in a video, but when you are in a different country, the person is thanful for people like you that share this…

    This time you made me cry (well, I always cry with the fireworks, specially with Illuminations any time of the year, without any special reason)…

  33. Hi Jack. Great video. We’re visiting from the UK in August. I’d be interested to know where you were when you filmed the firework display. It looked like you had a really good overall view.

    Jack’s Answer:

    I was standing in The Hub about 30 feet behind the Partners Statue. But my video looked good because I put my camera on a monopod and held it up above the crowd. I’m sure there were some people behind me that weren’t too pleased about this. I also used a wide-angle lens on my camera.

  34. is the show still going to be called summer Nightastic once summer is over or is it going to have a new name?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The show is only scheduled to run through August 14th. I’m sure if Disney extends it, they’ll come up with a new name — maybe just drop the “Summer” portion and just call it “Nightastic.”

  35. Thanks again Jack for another wonderfull video! I basically saw the same fireworks show at the Pirate and Pricess party and have never stopped talking about it. Loved it more than Wishes! My family and I get to see this the last night of the run and we can’t wait! Thanks for making my day.

  36. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I watched the video of the Main Street Electrical Parade last night and was hoping to see the fireworks posted and there it was today. It is awesome – can’t wait until July when I can see them in person. You did a great job on video taping them, I know it isn’t easy to do when you are also trying to enjoy them yourself. Thanks again.

  37. We are doing the “Wishes/Nightastic” Dessert Party in 2 weeks. Is the Tommorowland Terrace still going to be a good vantage point to see the fireworks?

    Jack’s Answer:

    I think the ideal location is directly in front of the castle — either on Main Street or on The Hub. But the Tomorrowland Terrace is a very good spot. And it has the advantage of not having to stake out your spot an hour in advance and you don’t have to fight the crowds. You’ll have a great time.

  38. Thanks Jack … We were there earlier in May and I knew Spectro was take a hiatus with Wishes… Glad to see what they replaced it with!!!
    THANK YOU !!!

  39. hey jack
    thanks for the blog on the fireworks show. I do enjoy watching the fireworks show sometime however, during the fireworks is also the best time to ride some of the attractions that have longer lines during the day so I am usually doing that instead 🙂 can’t wiat for your next blog and as always, keep up the great work.

  40. Thanks! I scheduled a short trip Wednesday and Thursday specifically to see the parade and fireworks. I’m thrilled that they are using the P&P fireworks – I think those were some of the best ever (and I love Wishes). Can’t wait to get there!

  41. Hi Jack!
    Thank you once again for “having lunch with me” at work while I watch the fireworks! 🙂
    I vaguely remember the Princess and Pirate fireworks – but honestly, Wishes was starting to get old. Now I have something new to look forward to along with the Electric Light Parade.
    I can’t wait – we’re 4 days away from our next “World” tour.
    Hope to run into you someday!

  42. I think these fireworks are beautiful. However, it seems VERY reminiscent of the Magic, Music and Mayhem Fireworks from the Pirate and Princess Party. Honestly, it’s the same basic storyline. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the Magic, Music and Mayhem Fireworks and I am so glad to see a show that brings back those great elements, like the fireworks actually coming out of the castle. Also, Hook and the gang attacking the Castle is honestly awe-inspiring.

  43. Jack,

    for this video. Unfortunately my family will not be able to get to the WORLD to see this this summer. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!!!

  44. Umm….is it just me or does this show bare a striking resemblance to the pirate and princess party fireworks? I recall the fairy’s fighting over the color of the fireworks in that show. I also recall the same pirate sequence, minus the pyro from the castle. I believe that show was also mostly composed of Disney princess music. It just seems to me like they took something that didn’t really work for them, tweaked it, gave it a new name and are trying to sell it as something new. Don’t get me wrong I love Disney but, it just seems a little odd.

    Jack’s Comment:

    You could be correct that this new firework display is a rehash of earlier shows. But you need to remember, at the moment, Disney is spending the bulk of their theme park budget correcting Disney’s California Adventure shortcomings. DCA has not lived up to expectations either financially or critically since it opened. The company is spending around $1billion to correct this. The Nightastic fireworks and the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade was an inexpensive way of bringing something “new” to Disney World.