Disneyland Resort Breakfast Options – Your Recommendations

In preparation for my upcoming week long trip to the Disneyland Resort, I’ve been asking for meal recommendations.

First up, Breakfast!

Thanks to everyone on Twitter and Facebook for posting Breakfast at Disneyland Suggestions.

Here is what you recommended:

Storytellers in the Grand Californian Hotel:

disneykarene: Gotta do Storyteller. Buffet is pricey but great. We split omelet off menu wt extra toast. Yummy!

blabbermouse79: Storytellers Cafe in GCH. Great variety and fresh Mickey Waffles!

attrievel: Storytellers Chip & Dale – no Chip, only Dale, weak char selection – Brother Bear & Tarzan. Food ok

Disney_trooper: Storytellers Cafe at Grand Cali for bfast. Excellent buffet with made to order omelets!! its a forest animal character meal too

Barry: Storytellers’ Cafe at the Grand Californian has a buffet and an a la carte menu. The food is good value for the resort (they have their own version of banana stuffed French toast). it is a character breakfast led by Chip and Dale.

Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel

gabriellyn: Goofy’s Kitchen was great! Went for my 40th in Feb. Great interaction with lots of characters & food was fab too!

Jodie: Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel has a super fun character breakfast. It’s fairly loud and rambunctious, but for the kid at heart it’s a blast.

Plaza Inn:

Famactivities06: Plaza Inn – Good – Variety of Chars, Interaction after bfast time. Bad – Cafeteria-ish. I don’t get that feeling at Crystal Plc and La Brea Bakery – Large portions, eat outside, relatively quick. Not too impressed w/Storytellers or Plaza Inn vs WDW char bfasts

sk8iesh: I enjoyed the Plaza Inn character breakfast. It had just totally random characters, which was pretty fun

Carnation Plaza

BeccaG: Minnie and friends at carnation plaza! BC you can seen so many characters in a very short time. We got pix w/10 in under 1:30!

Ray: We really like Carnation Cafe on Main St. They have great food and you can’t beat the atmosphere of an outside sit down Main St and watching all the people rushing to start their day. I also second the Riverbell Terrace. Enjoy, wish we could be there! 🙂

AJ: Definitely Carnation Cafe for TS breakfast — the cinnamon roll french toast is incredible. Also, Goofy’s Kitchen is a nice brunch with lots of different characters. For counter service, I’ll go along with the River Belle Terrace group! People are still locked into Fantasyland and Tomorrowland in the morning, so New Orleans Square is quiet. (I don’t recommend Minnie’s Breakfast at the plaza — bad crowd flow, but the mix of characters is fun)

Becca: I agree with carnation cafe..my fave spot! Riverbelle is great too..so peaceful in the morning.

River belle Terrace

Jill: Just breakfast (I have opinions about other meals too:) …RiverBelle Terrace. Absolutely lovely and perfect atmosphere on the patio. The food is decent, but sitting out on the patio along the river, in the shade of trees watching the people walk by was my favorite, by far.

Lisa: River Belle in Disneyland for pancakes, eggs, fruit, potatoes, giant cinammon rolls and those infamous Mickey pancakes. Please ship me one Mickey pancake along with a mint julep from New Orleans Square.

Pam: I also vote for the River Belle Terrace. If you go there first thing in the morning, there’s hardly anyone there and it’s so nice sitting out by the Rivers of America watching the Mark Twain go by. Also, the coffee shop at the Disneyland Hotel is a nice little spot, and they have the best bearclaws!

Pam: The birds at River Belle Terrace. LOL They definitely are NOT afraid of you. The last time I was there I had a duck standing beside me the whole time, and little birds kept landing on my tray and would even hop up to my plate. I kinda felt like Snow White. lol

Shelly: River Belle Terrace, Club 33 brunch, Storyteller’s, and of course, you can’t beat those ginormous cinnamon rolls from Main Street!

Thanks again everyone for your wonderful ideas!!!! Lunch and Dinner soon to follow!

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  1. For Lunch – I would suggest Cafe Orleans. It is a full service across from Blue Bayou. The prices are better than Blue Bayou. You can still get the Monte Cristo. Hopefully, they still have the Pomme Frittes. If you sit by the fence, you can people watch and watch the Mark Twain sail on the RIvers of America.