Josh Olive Reports

Josh Olive

Joshua Olive is a 6’6”, 380 lb man whose inner child is bigger yet. He’s been a BIG fan of Walt Disney World since his first visit in 1979 and he’s now a 15-trip veteran.

A Program Manager for a robotics integrator, Josh has several "favorite attractions" at WDW: Splash Mountain, Soarin', Aerosmith’s Rock’n’Roller Coaster, and the Kilimanjaro Safari!

Insider Tip: Even when you’re in a mad rush to get from one attraction to another, make the effort to look around; if all you see is the theming, WDW is a feast for the eyes, but this way you’ll also catch a lot of incredible attractions that don’t make the big marquee, like the acrobat’s at the China pavilion or DiVine at Animal Kingdom.


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