Banana Bread Pudding Sundae Olivia’s Cafe Old Key West

Banana Bread Pudding Cup 1 ea.
Edy's Vanilla Ice Cream 3 oz.
Banana Rum Sauce 3 oz.

In a bowl place a warm Banana Bread Pudding cup in center. Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream on top of round. Pour Rum sauce(with garnished banana slices) over both.

Banana Bread Recipe Yield 3 lbs.

Flour 14 oz.
Sugar, Granulated 6 oz.
Baking Powder 1/4 oz.
Cinnamon, Ground 1/4 oz.
Egg, Whole 2 ea.
Butter, Unsalted 4 oz.
Bananas, Peeled and Pureed 24 oz.
Vanilla extract 1/4 oz.
Salt, Kosher Pinch

In mixer combine dry ingredients and blend well, in separate container blend wet ingredients till combined, then slowly add to dry ingredients in mixer with paddle attachment moving. Spray baking pans/forms with quick release spray, and fill with batter. Cook in oven at 325 F until an inserted toothpick in bread comes out dry. Remove from oven and pans and cool.

Banana Bread Pudding Yield 20 each

Banana Bread, Cubed 2 lb.
Milk 24 oz.
Egg, Whole 3 ea.
Bananas, Peeled and Pureed 1 oz.
Sugar, Granulated 4 oz.
Vanilla, Imitation 1/4 oz.
Cinnamon, Ground 1/2 oz.
Nutmeg, Ground Pinch

In mixing container, combine all ingredients except cubed banana bread to form custard base. Spray muffin pan/forms with quick release spray. Fill each round/form with enough cubed banana bread to be level with top of form. Pour custard base into each round/form to cover/soak the banana bread cubes. Cook in oven at 325 F until custard base sets. Chill pans/forms, then remove pudding rounds for service.

Banana Rum Sauce Yield 2.5 lbs.

Butter, Unsalted 6 oz.
Sugar, Brown, Light 4 oz.
Banana, Peeled and Pureed 32 oz.
Nutmeg, Ground Pinch
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 1.5 oz.
Banana Liquor 1 oz.
Vanilla, Imitation 1/4 oz.

In sauce pan on med high heat, combine Rum and Banana Liquor. Allow alcohol to flame to cook out alcohol. Once alcohol is cooked out, add butter, light brown sugar, pureed banana. Allow butter and sugar to melt and combine. Season at end with nutmeg and vanilla. Keep warm for service. Sauce can also be garnished with sliced bananas at service time.