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Sunday, April 19th 2020 changes to Napa Rose Dinner Menu

Removed Scharffen Berger Chocolate Praline Crunch Barfrom Menu Items
Removed Warm Cinnamon Holiday Pull Apartfrom Menu Items
Removed Tangerine Creme Bruleefrom Menu Items
Removed Honey Roasted Pear Walnut Cakefrom Menu Items
Removed Best Ever Hot Chocolatefrom Menu Items
Removed Diligently Selected Cheesesfrom Menu Items
Added Warm California Fig Crumble Barto Menu Items
Added Honey Crisp Apple Confitto Menu Items
Added Pumpkin Custard Barto Menu Items
Added Valrhona Dolce Crunchto Menu Items
Added Rich Manjari Chocolate Decadentto Menu Items
Added Dessertsto Warm California Fig Crumble BarMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Honey Crisp Apple ConfitMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Pumpkin Custard BarMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Valrhona Dolce CrunchMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Rich Manjari Chocolate DecadentMenu Categories

Sunday, April 19th 2020 changes to Napa Rose Dinner Menu

Diver Scallop and Grape Leaf Wrapped Shrimpnamechanged from Diver Scallops and Blue Shrimpto Diver Scallop and Grape Leaf Wrapped Shrimp
Diver Scallop and Grape Leaf Wrapped Shrimpdescriptionchanged from Winter squash, pine nuts, roasted red bell peppers, golden raising and orange bubblesto with Fava Hummus, Mint, Lemon and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Diver Scallop and Grape Leaf Wrapped Shrimpcostchanged from 22.00to 24.00
Truffled "Mac and Cheese" Orecchiette Pasta namechanged from Truffled Mac and Cheeseto Truffled "Mac and Cheese" Orecchiette Pasta
Truffled "Mac and Cheese" Orecchiette Pasta descriptionchanged from Orecchiette Pasta with Parmigiano-Reggianoto with Parmigiano-Reggiano
"Smiling Tiger Salad"descriptionchanged from Lobster fritter, spicy beef, Asian greens and coconut-lime vinaigretteto with Spicy Beef, Asian Greens, Lobster Shrimp Fritters, and Coconut Vinaigrette
"Smiling Tiger Salad"costchanged from 16.00to 22.00
Market Fish of the Daynamechanged from Fish of the Dayto Market Fish of the Day
Market Fish of the Daydescriptionchanged from Calamari, Mediterranean mussels and San Marzano tomatoto topped with California Citrus Salsa and Pistachio on Fennel Velvet
Market Fish of the Daycostchanged from 42.00to 44.00
Grilled Petit Filet Mignonnamechanged from Rosemary Grilled Petit Filet Mignonto Grilled Petit Filet Mignon
Grilled Petit Filet Mignondescriptionchanged from Braised beef and shelling bean ragu, cranberry pistachio pestoto served on "Ropa Vieja" Braised Brisket with Sweet Potato, Pine Nuts, and Red Wine Reduction
Grilled Petit Filet Mignoncostchanged from 50.00to 55.00
Removed Hamachi Tartare with EVOfrom Menu Items
Removed Crispy California Artichoke Frittersfrom Menu Items
Removed Wine Country Goose Cassouletfrom Menu Items
Removed Veal Sweetbreadsfrom Menu Items
Removed Warm Bone Marrow Custardfrom Menu Items
Removed Signature Pizzetta of "La Quercia"from Menu Items
Removed Wood Fired Pizzetta of the Seasonfrom Menu Items
Removed Hazelnut Thyme Roasted Apple Saladfrom Menu Items
Removed Select Baby Field Greens Saladfrom Menu Items
Removed Portobello Mushroom Bisque "Cappuccino"from Menu Items
Removed Market Seasonal Soupfrom Menu Items
Removed Roasted "Mt Lassen" Steelhead Troutfrom Menu Items
Removed Ember Roasted Root Vegetablesfrom Menu Items
Removed Roasted Colorado Lamb Chopsfrom Menu Items
Removed Pan Roasted Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breastfrom Menu Items
Removed American Bison "Pot Roast"from Menu Items
Removed Hearth Roasted Fingerling Potatoesfrom Menu Items
Removed Braised Greensfrom Menu Items
Added Harissa Citrus Seared "Sashimi" Crudoto Menu Items
Added House-made Tortellini Celebrating Springto Menu Items
Added Crisp Zucchini Blossomsto Menu Items
Added "Napa Rose Fried Chicken"to Menu Items
Added Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeksto Menu Items
Added Wine Country Beet Saladto Menu Items
Added Roasted Monkfish "Paella"to Menu Items
Added Roasted "Maple Leaf Farms" Duck Breastto Menu Items
Added Celery Root Almond Croquettesto Menu Items
Added "Porchetta" Traditional Pork Roastto Menu Items
Added Oregano and Lemon Grilled Lamb Rackto Menu Items
Added Iron-roasted New York Steakto Menu Items
Added Sautéed Green Beansto Menu Items
Added Hearth-roasted Organic Broccolito Menu Items
Added Appetizers/Startersto Harissa Citrus Seared "Sashimi" CrudoMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto House-made Tortellini Celebrating SpringMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto Crisp Zucchini BlossomsMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto "Napa Rose Fried Chicken"Menu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto Braised Wagyu Beef CheeksMenu Categories
Added Soup/Saladto Wine Country Beet SaladMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Roasted Monkfish "Paella"Menu Categories
Added Entreesto Roasted "Maple Leaf Farms" Duck BreastMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Celery Root Almond CroquettesMenu Categories
Added Entreesto "Porchetta" Traditional Pork RoastMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Oregano and Lemon Grilled Lamb RackMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Iron-roasted New York SteakMenu Categories
Added Side Dishesto Sautéed Green BeansMenu Categories
Added Side Dishesto Hearth-roasted Organic BroccoliMenu Categories