This Random Disney World Bathroom Fact Both Terrifies and Fascinates Me

Stopping by the bathrooms at Disney World seems like a mundane thing you’ve probably never given much thought to before — but you should! Sure, we’ve got our favorites that smell good, are beautifully themed, and some that are even hidden in ride queues.


But did you know that Disney World has a secret about their bathrooms that you may not have ever noticed before? Savvy Disney experts know this rule only applies to one of Disney World’s parks and not the rest for a very specific reason.

We’re fascinated by Disney World’s bathrooms — seriously! It’s an obsession almost really at this point. We’re constantly talking about how we’re inconvenienced when they go down for refurbishment.

Tangled bathroom

Since we’re known to go “all in” with these fascinations, we happened to notice that the bathrooms at one of Disney World’s parks look different from the rest. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is known for its lush greenery, fantastic eats, and incredible views of its resident animals.

Animal Kingdom

But did you know that Disney’s Animal Kingdom is hiding a secret within their park’s bathrooms? Ok, so maybe it’s not so much a secret as it is more of a hidden feature (or rather, a Mouseketool we could use later). It’s true, this is the only Disney World park whose bathrooms’ front doors have a lock on the inside of them.

Bathrooms in Pandora

While you’re probably in the midst of processing that last sentence, and your thoughts are turning from weirded out to fascinated, allow us to ease your mind a bit.


Disney’s Animal Kingdom is an accredited institution of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) which allows them to house, treat, and care for all kinds of animals big and small. Most folks don’t realize that because there are (wild) animals around where Disney World, certain regulations and precautions must be taken into consideration.


According to, the fact that Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s bathrooms lock from the inside and the doors swing out instead of being pushed in serves as an added precaution for Cast Members to help safely hide park visitors inside should the unlikely event of a loose animal occur. This was further backed up in TikToks from Disney College Program participants answering questions about Disney World parks they learned from working there.


So while the initial thought of being prepared might cause you some trepidation at first, it’s sure to be appreciated if the occasion ever calls for it (and you’ve now learned a super lesser-known Disney World fact to impress your friends and family with)!

We’re always calling out the weird, strange, and bizarre things we notice around Disney World so be sure to stay tuned with us for even more soon!

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Which Disney World bathrooms are your most faithful picks? Tell us in the comments below!

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