I’ve Overheard Some Wicked Good Tips From Animal Kingdom Cast Members, and These Are My FAVORITES!

Animal Kingdom is a park a ton of people overlook, but it’s full of some incredible experiences!


This is especially true for people who love animals, but we’re firm believers that everyone needs to hop into Animal Kingdom and experience its magic at least once! But there are some special tips you need to know when you’re visiting!

When To Take Your Kilimanjaro Safari

While Kilimanjaro Safaris is open all day (usually closing 30 minutes-an hour before park close), there are times to ride that are better than others.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

If you want to see the animals at their most active, the best time to go will be at the beginning of the day OR when it’s raining due to the slightly cooler temperatures. Previously we’ve said to go at the end of the park day, too, but recently we’ve experienced lots of the animals being brought in for the night during the very last safari, so if you’re going at the end of the day, we suggest going about half an hour before the last safari of the day!

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Bumpy Jeep ride into the African Savannah, lots of animals to see.

Walk The Animal Trails When It Rains

In a similar vein, while it may not feel super pleasant to walk an outside animal trail when it’s raining, this is likely when you’ll see those animals the most active as well!

Maharajah Jungle Trek

Some viewing spots are under cover, so you could stay dry while watching the animals play in the rain. Bonus tip: bring a snack or drink on the trail, too, (if you can keep it dry) and wait out the rain while experiencing something a lot of people haven’t before!

ONLY Purchase An Individual Lightning Lane, Not Genie+

We know, lots of people are annoyed with Genie+, but we have good news! You really don’t need Genie+ for Animal Kingdom!

Flight of Passage Line

However, we do recommend purchasing an Individual Lightning Lane for Flight of Passage in Pandora, since that line can get quite long. If you do want to grab one, then we suggest rope dropping Na’vi River Journey since that line gets long too, but it’s much less worth the long wait. If you don’t want to purchase the ILL, we do recommend rope dropping Na’vi River Journey still, and THEN hopping in line for Flight of Passage!

Balloon Daycare

Animal Kingdom is the only park where Disney balloons are not allowed, due to the safety of the animals. However, if you’re walking into the park with a balloon, they won’t throw it away or tell you you’re unable to enter — they’ll do something much better.

Disney World Balloons!

Balloon daycare is an actual thing! Cast Members will take your balloon to a secure area and tell you where to pick it up when you’re exiting the park. This way you haven’t wasted money, and the animals are kept safe!

Animal Kingdom

We’re always here to bring you the latest Disney World news and ways to plan your trip, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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