Experts Agree This Is the Worst Thing You Can Do at Your Disney World Hotel

So you’ve made it! You’ve traveled to Orlando and you’ve arrived at your Disney World hotel.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Now, we know you’re probably ready to get out there and hit the parks or do some shopping at Disney Springs, but there are some things you probably need to know about what you should NOT do when you’re at your hotel.

We go to Disney World ALL the time and these are the worst things you can do at your Disney World hotel.

Not checking for bed bugs

Now, don’t get us wrong. Disney does an amazing job of keeping its hotel rooms clean, but bed bugs can take up residence in the nicest of hotels because they travel in other guests’ luggage. So it’s important to check for these nasty little critters as soon as you arrive at your hotel.

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As soon as you enter your room, leave your luggage near the door, and thoroughly check the room for bed bugs.

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Not seeing what activities your hotel offers

You might be so focused on visiting Disney World’s theme parks that you’re missing out on some super fun activities your hotel offers. Even the value resorts have things like crafts and arts, Movies Under the Stars, and a fire pit where you can make S’mores each evening.

Movies Under the Stars at Disney’s Fort Wilderness

So when you arrive at your hotel, make sure to look for a listing of hotel activities in the hotel lobby or ask a Cast Member for more information.

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Not understanding all your transportation options

You’re probably familiar with Disney buses, but you might want to make sure you know if your hotel offers other transportation options. You may also have access to boats, the Skyliner, and the Monorail, depending on where you’re staying.

Skyliner at Disney’s Riviera Resort

With that being said, though, you’ll still have a hard time getting from one hotel to another, unless you’re at a hotel with Skyliner or Monorail access. In that case, a rideshare could be your best option.

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Not using your Disney World perks

If you stay at a hotel on Disney World property, you can take advantage of Early Theme Park Entry, which gives you access to each park 30 minutes before its official opening time.

Early Entry at EPCOT

If you’re staying at a Disney World deluxe hotel, you’ll also get Extended Evening Hours, which happen on select nights at select parks. To take advantage of those, you can check the Disney World calendar.

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Throw a noisy party

You should always be mindful of noise when you’re in your Disney World hotel room. You are in a building with many other people, most of who probably won’t appreciate it if you have a noisy party in your room. So don’t even THINK about it.

Don’t party in your room

If you must have a gathering at your hotel, take it outside AWAY from rooms or keep it to a small group of people who can keep things quiet. No one likes to have their sleep ruined by a loud party in the middle of the night.

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Not checking for construction and pool closures

Disney World ALWAYS has all kinds of construction going on, including at its hotels. Although construction noise is kept to daylight hours, if it’s going to bother you, you might want to book a hotel elsewhere. You can find out about this kind of construction on the Disney World website hotel page — you will see a warning in red text if construction is going on there.

Closed pool at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Likewise, if you’re planning on having some pool time on your trip, you don’t want to be surprised by a pool being closed. You’ll want to check for those closures, too.

The Unspoken Rules About Pools at Disney World Hotels

Buying a refillable mug and not using it

Refillable mugs can save you some money on drinks if you drink a lot of coffee, tea, and soda. You get unlimited refills on those beverages with it, so what’s not to love?

Refillable mugs!

However, if you keep forgetting it or keep leaving it in your room, it’s not going to do you much good, right? So hang on to that mug and have it ready to fill up whenever you visit a hotel’s counter service location. Also, you can use refillable mugs at Disney World hotels you’re NOT staying at, too.

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Disney World has a strict no-smoking policy at its hotels. Smoking is not allowed in hotel rooms, on patios, or on balconies. This includes the smoking of any kind of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and other products that produce vapor or smoke.

Smoking area sign

If you do smoke, you can do so in designated outdoor smoking locations at each hotel. You can ask a Cast Member where that is when you check in.

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Book a room that’s too small for your group

We know you’re probably trying to save money when you book your Disney World hotel, but if you book a room that’s too small for your group, you might end up having an uncomfortable time and making things uncomfortable for all involved.

Family Suite at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Disney World offers many options for larger groups, including family suites that may be better suited for your group if you’ve got more than four or five people.

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Not picking up a map

If you’ve never stayed at a Disney World hotel, we’re going to warn you that most of these hotels are much larger than what you’re probably expecting. If you don’t know where you’re going, you could get lost.

Map of Boardwalk Inn

The good news is that when you check in, you will usually get a map of the hotel. A Cast Member will probably even show you on that map how to get to your room and mark it for you. If you check in early on the My Disney Experience app, you’ll still want to stop in the lobby and grab a map. Trust us, some of these hotels are laid out like mazes.

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So if you’re going to Disney World soon, keep this in mind when you get to your hotel.

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3 Dangerous Habits You Should Break at Disney World Hotels

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