Hi. We Were NOT Prepared For These Massive Disney World Crowds.

The holidays are in full swing in the Disney World parks, and we know that means we should expect larger crowds than normal.

EPCOT Christmas Tree

However, usually, the crowds don’t really start to pick up until we get closer to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. That’s not what we’re seeing this weekend though, so if you’re in Disney World any time this month, watch out for these crowds.

Now listen, Main Street U.S.A. was packed, but that wasn’t totally surprising to us.

Magic Kingdom Crowds

What was a little shocking was seeing EPCOT’s World Showcase look like this.

WOW that’s a lot of people!

YIKES. That’s a lot of people. Festival of the Holidays is going on though, so once we remembered that, the crowds made a bit more sense. Then we saw Animal Kingdom look like THIS, and we knew we were in for it.


We LOVE Animal Kingdom, but it’s not usually the first park people go to when they want to experience the holidays; so to see it as crowded as that, we knew that it was a really busy day. And that was only further confirmed when we looked at wait times around 10:45AM.


Certainly a little shocking! If you’re heading to Disney World this month, be ready for some heavy crowds so you can prepare yourself ahead of time. We’ll be here reporting on the latest, so stay tuned to AllEars!

This is the IDEAL week to visit Disney World for the holidays!

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