Weird Places You’ll Find AllEars Cast Members in Disney World

There’s no doubt in my mind that anyone on the AllEars team could tell you the BEST spots in Disney World. The best spot for coffee, the best spot for the parade, the best spot for fireworks, etc. Everyone here on our team is super knowledgeable about all things Disney World, but sometimes that means we know too much…

The AllEars Team at EPCOT Food & Wine Festival

And by that I mean, we also know some weird spots. Maybe unconventional is a better word? Sometimes when we are filming crazy challenges for our YouTube channel it forces us to be creative with settings, or more adventurous. We always find ourselves in the weirdest spots in Disney World that we actually end up liking alot?

So, here are some weird spots you most likely will find AllEars Cast Members in Disney World:

The Caves on Tom Sawyer Island in Magic Kingdom

I know, Magic Kingdom is family friendly but have you ever explored those caves on Tom Sawyer Island? They are very dark and scary, you have been warned. But with that being said, if you need a moment alone in a very crowded theme park, that’s your spot.

Tom Sawyer Island is so peaceful

Aunt Polly’s

Going along with the first spot, Aunt Polly’s is a quick service restaurant also on Tom Sawyer Island. Disney only opens it on the busiest days of the year so it most likely will be empty on your next Magic Kingdom day. There’s plenty of covered seating and can be another great spot to take a break.

Aunt Polly’s seating

Tomorrowland Terrace

What do you know, another closed Magic Kingdom restaurant? Yes, in Tomorrowland you’ll find Tomorrowland Terrace. This restaurant is also hardly ever open but it is the space where Fireworks Dessert Parties take place. So in the evening this spot is closed off to the average guest but during the day there’s plenty of tables and chairs, completely covered with fans. You’re welcome.

Tomorrowland Terrace

Resort Convention Centers

Sometimes when we need a specific location or a specific setting for a video we end up finding ourselves at a resort convention center. Like when we filmed the BachelEAR at the Coronado Springs Resort Convention Center. I thought it gave the best “Bachelor Mansion” vibes out of all the Disney Resorts. Inside you’ll find lots of comfy chairs and couches, plenty of outlets to charge your devices and it’s usually not too crowded. (Unless there’s a convention happening.) You can watch our BachelEAR video right here!

Sleeping in the Hall of Presidents

Now listen, I mean no harm to the Hall of Presidents but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do on a Disney World trip. There are just some rides in Disney that give you the perfect mid-day power nap. Hall of Presidents being one of them! But if you watched our big Last to Leave Disney World Challenge, then you know it was VERY HARD for us to NOT fall asleep in the Hall of Presidents.

Hall of Presidents

In the Outside Stairwells of the Contemporary Resort

I am a big fan of Happily Ever After fireworks in Magic Kingdom and highly recommend you watch them very close to the castle. But sometimes I like to get a different point of view. The Contemporary Resort does offer a viewing area outside on the 4th floor but I have found an even BETTER spot. If you head outside to that viewing area but then take the stairs to go up just a few more floors, you’ll find that the best view is actually above the monorail! That way the monorail is not in your way and you can see the fireworks so much better!

Fireworks from the Contemporary Resort

Savi’s Workshop – but not for the reason you think

Over in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Galaxy’s Edge, you can sign up to build your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop. It’s a very cool experience but sometimes we just like to hang out there. If Quincy, Emma and I are ever eating breakfast in Galaxy’s Edge, we will grab our Ronto Wraps and head outside of Savi’s, there’s actually some seating over there and it’s normally never crowded. It’s a great spot to hang out away from the crowds.

Ronto Morning Wrap

Flame Tree Barbecue

Flame Tree Barbecue is a quick service restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I do enjoy eating meals here but for the purpose of this article, I’m mentioning it for a different reason. There is SO MUCH seating at Flame Tree you will never have a problem finding a spot to sit down. And if you keep walking all the way to the back of the restaurant, you will find yourself in possibly one of the most peaceful spots in all of Disney World. Surrounded by water, looking at Expedition Everest in the distance, it’s a great spot to relax.

Flame Tree Barbecue

In the Back of the Morocco Pavilion

Over the past few years things have been reopening and returning to Disney World after the 2020 closures. But there is one thing in the Morocco Pavilion in EPCOT that has not returned, and that is Restaurant Marrakesh. This restaurant has yet to reopen. Sometimes during the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival the empty space gets turned into a lounge which is nice, but that’s not where we hang out. Because no one is heading to that restaurant, it is normally not crowded in the back of the pavilion, which again means a nice spot to step away from the crowds.

It’s quiet back here.

Disney’s Riviera Resort – when we DON’T have a reservation

Okay this one isn’t that weird, but on most days you can find one of us at Disney’s Riviera Resort at Le Petit Cafe. This is hands-DOWN our favorite spot to grab a coffee. If we are even remotely close to the Riviera we will make a stop. It’s fairly easy to get to, just take the skyliner from either EPCOT or Hollywood Studios. We especially love to do this during the day when we need a pick me up.

Le Petit Cafe

And there you have it — some places you might find us filming (or resting) at Disney World! Where are your favorite places to escape? Let us know in the comments!

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