Ranking Disney World Transportation from Terrific to Terrifying

Okay, we know everyone who visits Disney World probably has a preferred mode of transportation.

Skyliner in EPCOT

We asked you, our AllEars readers, about your preferred mode of Disney World transportation, and here’s what you told us!

Maybe you like the laid-back feel of taking a boat around the resort. Perhaps the retro-futuristic Monorail is more your speed. Perhaps the Skyliner is your favorite, or maybe you just like keeping it simple on Disney buses. So which is it? Here’s what you said.


Disney World’s NEWEST mode of transportation seems to be the most popular because MANY of you said the Skyliner was your preferred way of traveling around Disney World. The Skyliner only goes to select resorts, but it’s a unique way of getting to and from EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, too.

Disney Skyliner

Lauren simply answered, “Skyliner!” However, one of you did point out a big problem with the Skyliner that could come up (getting stuck on it). Leslie said, “Love the Skyliner but have never been stuck on a hot day…”

Okay, so that DOES happen, but not TOO often.

Jennifer also voted for the Skyliner: “I actually like them all, but love the Skyliner!!”


Colleen even finds that the Skyliner is so CALM compared to other transportation options (and, yes, it is pretty chill): “Skyliner! I find the trip to Epcot or Hollywood Studios so relaxing.”

Megan even thinks more of the Skyliner: “Skyliner is a game changer.”

Leslie gets it, though: “Skyliner is the BEST. It is part thrill ride part transportation with all the fun. If you ask nicely and it isn’t busy they will let you wait for the Winnie the Pooh-wrapped vehicle that you have wanted to ride for your whole vacation.”

Disney Skyliner Gondola

The Skyliner does feel like a Disney World attraction in and of itself, and that is part of the fun of riding it.

Some of you do find the Skyliner a little scary, though: Karen said, “We use our rental car but I love the monorail and the boats as well. I really can’t stand the buses and am terrified of heights so NO skyliner for me!”


We were also surprised at how many people said they loved the boats in Disney World. John even had a favorite boat ride: “The boat serving the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian to and from the Magic Kingdom.”

Mel likes how chill the boat rides are: “The boats, I find them all so relaxing.”

David agreed, “Boat rides are calming.”

Ferryboat to Magic Kingdom

Jeremy said, “The ferry! There’s just something wonderful watching the entrance to Disney World grow larger and closer as you cruise in the water. Even more so leaving the park seeing a glowing castle, as if it’s saying ‘Until next time!'”

Okay, we LOVE that sentiment.


Others prefer the Monorail, although it is a little more limited in where it goes. Laurie agrees, “Monorail. Wish it went everywhere in The World!” We do, too, Laurie!

Julia loves the Monorail: “I have an unhealthy infatuation with the monorail.”

Monorail obsession is real: if it wasn’t, Disney wouldn’t keep making monorail merchandise!

Monorail Mickey Ears

Alison even has a favorite Monorail: it’s the lime. “Monorail. Especially this one. I have loved this color combo since I was a kid.”

CJ wants to go further into the future, but it’s not happening just yet: “My preferred way would be teleportation but since we don’t have that tech yet I’ll go with Monorail.”

Kathleen makes a good point about choosing the Monorail over the Skyliner: “I love the Skyliner, but I have to go with monorail as it’s not [affected] by weather.”

Yes, that does happen. When the weather gets bad, the Skyliner shuts down. But the Monorail has occasional issues, too.

EPCOT Monorail

We understand loving the Monorail. One of our favorite sounds in Disney World is “Please stand clear of the doors.”


However, many of our readers just like the good old reliable buses (which are what you’ll ride if problems arise with the other transportation options in Disney World).

Vincent gets it: “Bus. Reliable, Good capacity, good frequency, good speed. With more dedicated [busways], would be better.”

On a bus

Meredith said, “Skyliner is growing on me but nothing is better than that late-night ride on the bus back to the resort (WL here!).”

Okay, we’ll admit that when those lights come back on inside the bus when you reach your hotel that evening, it’s quite disconcerting (especially if you were dozing off on the dark ride back to your hotel.”

Bus Directory at Hollywood Studios

Ericka likes that late-night bus ride back, too, and the reasoning is solid: “Skyliner is fun but I have a fondness for a midnight bus ride back to the hotel in the middle of December. It’s a crapshoot if you’ll get a seat, everyone over the age of 6 is a zombie, and the Christmas music plays unfailingly over the speakers. It sounds horrid, but I figure if I can love that nightly experience, I can deal with anything Disney throws at me.”

One thing we love about Disney World is that there are a variety of ways of getting around the resort. What’s even better, though, is that all of these different modes of transportation are 100% free. Considering the price of a Disney World vacation, that always adds value to the trip.

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What’s your favorite mode of transportation at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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