Disney Shares NEW Sneak Peek at ‘Haunted Mansion’ Movie

If you’re into crossovers between theme park rides and movies, Disney has GOT you covered.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Perhaps you’ve seen the film based on Tower of Terror or the Jungle Cruise movie with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? If not, we can be almost certain that you’ve heard of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and the rides at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom came well before Jack Sparrow did. But now, the theme park movie everyone is getting hyped for is Haunted Mansion (no, not the Eddie Murphy one from the early 2000s, there’s a NEW one!), and we’ve got a sneak peek.

The new film is coming to theaters on July 28th and it’s got a pretty star-studded cast. Disney released a little featurette on YouTube recently, so if you’re excited about this movie, you’ll want to check this video out.

The featurette shows various clips from the movie, including some iconic mansion moments that fans of the ride will recognize. We see Madame Leota, Constance Hatchaway, the library busts, the hatbox ghost, and more!

Haunted Mansion

We can’t wait to check out this film later this summer when it hits theaters! We’ll keep you in the loop if any more details are released before then, so stay tuned to AllEars.

Click Here to Check Out the Movie Trailer!

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