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One Reply to “Universal Just Called Out Disney on Twitter…and They’re Not Wrong”

  1. I don’t have a problem with having to make a reservation for the park you will attend on a specific date. I went to a dinner club in Wisconsin that didn’t accept reservations and had to wait 4 hours for a table. (I did it because of the novelty of the place. Nothing really special-dinner, no entertainment-so don’t know where the ‘club’part came in). All that being said….What frustrates me is the “You have to make a reservation to go AND you have to pay more for line skipping AND only one line skipped at a time AND you can only pay for that at 7AM on the morning you are going AND you have to pay even more to skip the most popular rides. It’s all the ANDS- the hoops Disney makes you jump through. It’s like if that restaurant said: You have to wait 4 hours AND you have to decide at 7AM if you want steak AND you have to pay $25 just to be able to order steak AND if it is Friday or Saturday that $25 becomes $40. Sooner or later, why bother? Will never go to that supper club again. That much I know. Disney? Fewer parks during my visits, fewer visits, and I will not pay for the extras. I remember when Disney was far more user friendly. Try and be MORE like those days than what you have now.