AllEars TV: How Universal Is BETTER Than Disney World

Janie has two friends.
One of Janie’s friends wants to go to Walt Disney World on vacation. Her other friend wants to go to Universal Orlando Resort on vacation.
Janie likes rides, theming, and eating food. Which theme park did Janie choose?

Universal Orlando

To get the answer to this complex problem, you have to take Harry Potter World and subtract it from Pandora – The World of Avatar as well as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.
Next, divide pixie dust by wand magic, then take the dividend and multiply it by the emotional magic you feel when you walk into the Starbucks location on Main Street U.S.A. versus the one in Universal Studios (or the other way around, whichever is greater).
Now give every Ride in every park in both resorts a number from 1-10 based on the list of 75 criteria found on page 2. Add them up in 2 separate columns, divided by resort, then average the number by dividing the sum of each column by the total number of rides in that column’s resort.
Now do the same thing with Attractions and Restaurants.
Or better yet, watch today’s episode of RTT and let the All Ears Crew push the numbers for you as they try to figure out How Universal is BETTER Than Disney World.

Click Below to RTT Universal Beat Disney World!

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