CEO Bob Iger Addresses Rumors That Disney Is Being Sold to Apple

What’s the most ridiculous Disney rumor you’ve ever heard?

Mickey and Minnie!

From cryogenically frozen heads to actual ghosts in the Haunted Mansion — we’ve heard them all. And, if you heard the recent rumor that the newly appointed CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, was going to sell the company to Apple — we’ve got an update for you!

It’s been a whirlwind of change for The Walt Disney Company lately, with former CEO Bob Chapek leaving and Bob Iger stepping up to take his place — a familiar role for the one-time Disney CEO.

Bob Iger ©Reuters

Since then, rumors about what’s next for the company has run wild — will ticket prices drop? Will Iger get rid of park pass reservations? Will Disney be sold to Apple?


According to The New York Times, several merger rumors were swirling with Apple rising to the top as the most prominent. But, in a recent Town Hall meeting with Cast Members, Iger made reassurances that such a merger was “nothing more than speculation,” per Scott Gustin on Twitter.

Iger also shared news about the hiring freeze previously announced by former CEO Bob Chapek, stating that there “is no current plan to change” the freeze. He went on to share that he realizes this is “a challenging time for everyone involved” and that the company “will remain resilient.”

Magic Kingdom

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Disney CEO Bob Iger Shares Hiring Freeze Will Continue

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