Are the Iconic Plastic Shopping Bags GONE from Disney World? Here’s What We Know

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Back in mid-September 2022, we noticed that something strange was disappearing from Disney World…

Droid in a Plastic Bag

No, it wasn’t a snack, a character, or a form of entertainment. It was…plastic bags! You know the ones we’re talking about — those (usually) blue Disney-themed plastic bags that you typically get with every purchase in the parks. You’ve probably got 30 of them stuffed in a plastic bag holder or kitchen drawer somewhere, just like we do! But soon, some of those could become collector’s items because the plastic bag situation is CHANGING.

Over the past several days, we’ve noticed that small Disney-themed plastic bags have been unavailable at many merchandise spots in Disney World. Here’s what we know so far:

Magic Kingdom

At Magic Kingdom, we spoke with a Cast Member at Uptown Jewelers who said they had removed all of the small plastic bags from the store. Instead of waiting until they had run out, these were actually just pulled and were no longer being made available to guests.

According to some Cast Members we spoke to, small plastic bags have actually been REMOVED throughout all of Magic Kingdom. They did not technically run out of the bags, but instead, it seems they were removed from all stores.

Uptown Jewelers

Does that mean there aren’t ANY bags available at all? Not quite. You can (if you want) purchase reusable bags at most of the stores, and they have been discounted slightly in price. The small bag is now $1 and the medium is $1.50.

Reusable Bags

At Bonjour! Village Gifts, we found that small plastic bags had also been removed from there and they only had reusable ones available.

One Cast Member we spoke to shared that they believe this change has been made throughout Disney World, so we went to investigate.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

At Animal Kingdom, we stopped by Discovery Trading and also found that Disney had pulled all small plastic shopping bags from that store as well.

But reusable bags were available.

Reusable Bags Here Too

The reusable plastic bags have similarly received a discount here.

Reusable Bag Prices

So if you’ll be purchasing Disney items and want a small bag, this is an option you could look into when in the parks.


At the Creations Shop, we found that they were using the last of their small plastic bags for those who were utilizing Mobile Merchandise Checkout.

Still Here for Mobile Merchandise Checkout

We also spotted plastic bags at the Treasures of Xandar gift shop (attached to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind) at the Mobile Checkout stand.

Disney Resorts

At the Fantasia gift shop in Disney’s Contemporary Resort, a Cast Member said that they had been instructed to remove the small plastic bags and “return them.”

At Curiouser Clothiers at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, however, we found that there were some small plastic bags still available.

They’re Not All Gone!

They also had reusable ones available with updated pricing on the signs.

Updated Pricing

So it seems that this situation can vary depending on the store, park, or resort.


From what we’re seeing, small plastic bags are generally being removed from many Disney merchandise spots. That means, if you go to buy a few items, you might not receive a small Disney-themed plastic bag to hold them in. But you may buy a reusable bag for $1 (or slightly more depending on the size you need/want).

If you want to avoid paying for a reusable bag in Disney, you could consider buying some reusable bags online and bringing them to the parks with you. Pricing can vary but you can get this pack of 6 for $15.19 on Amazon right now (which is more than what you’d pay for individual small or medium Disney bags, but the convenience of having them with you might be a bonus).


Disney has not yet made any kind of official announcement regarding the removal of these plastic bags, but this post reflects what we’re seeing in the parks and what Cast Members have discussed with us.

One of Disney’s sustainability goals is to reduce waste, and they’ve also been working to make lower-impact products with plastic-free packaging. We’ve seen plastic straws removed from most park locations, so the removal of small plastic bags could be another measure meant to further these goals.


We’ll keep an eye out for more details and let you know what we find.

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And stay tuned for more Disney news.

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7 Replies to “Are the Iconic Plastic Shopping Bags GONE from Disney World? Here’s What We Know”

  1. If Disney does not supply bags without cost to the customers, I hope people stop buying in the parks, I know i will.

  2. Disney World would not be the first to get rid of plastic bags. I recently went to Lego Land New York where there is a state law banning plastic bags. There was no option but to buy a reusable Lego bag if you wanted a bag to put all your souvenirs in.

  3. Looks like I’ll be saving a lot of money in the stores. This place is becoming a joke, so if I buy something I don’t get a bag, then I have to buy a bag. No thanks

  4. Whenever I go shopping now for anything, not just groceries, I bring a canvas shopping bag or a string pack (either of which, when empty, fits rolled up in a back pocket or you could wear the string bag with a canvas bag inside. And I put my purchases in them. What would be great would be if Disney allowed you to use those things and forego the bag in their stores OR to sell you a Disney shopping bag you could use at all Disney shops during your entire stay. Remember plastic bags are made from petroleum which is a bit expensive these days and I applaud Disney for getting away from those things.