Big CHANGE Made to the Coca-Cola Bar in Disney Springs

A big change has hit the Coca-Cola Rooftop Beverage Bar at Disney Springs.

Coca-Cola Store

This spot used to be home to some unique cocktails that would mix up Coca-Cola flavors with whiskey, vodka, and other things. But if you’ll be heading there in the future, be warned.

We stopped by the Coca-Cola store in Disney Springs on September 30th and spoke to a Cast Member who indicated that the bar is no longer selling alcohol. The Cast Member we spoke to did not say why this change had been made, but did say that it was made a little bit ago.

So if you were hoping to try a Coca-Cola cocktail or alcoholic drink of the month, that won’t be an option for now.

Bar Menu From 2021

The menu online still does list the following, however: fountain beverages; glass, bottles, and cans of certain drinks…


…water, energy & sports drinks, juice, floats…


…ICEE, Costa Coffee, the “Tastes of the World”…


…mocktails, and other items.


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3 Replies to “Big CHANGE Made to the Coca-Cola Bar in Disney Springs”

  1. Enough with the alcohol already. Can’t people do anything without having alcohol at their beckon call? If you need it that bad, you really ought to ask yourself why that is. If even being at Disney, a place that couldn’t get any further away from the daily grind, has to include alcohol to make it enjoyable for you, then you really have some soul searching to do. And Disney is really not doing it’s job of being a magical place.

  2. Good for them, Walt was very firm on no alcohol in his park (Disneyland) and it would have carried over to the other Parks. Now for the rest of the places to follow their lead and follow Walt’s mandate. I do not know who authorized it but they made a major mistake.