Here’s Which Disney Annual Pass is Best for YOU

Walt Disney World introduced a brand new Annual Passholder program last year that included new passes, prices, and benefits.

Annual Passholder Card

There are now only 4 kinds of Annual Passes — the Incredi-Pass, Sorcerer Pass, Pirate Pass, and Pixie Dust Pass — and 3 of the 4 actually aren’t even available to purchase right now as Disney World has paused sales. But, we’re here to prepare you for when the passes do go back on sale (date TBD). Each of the passes has a different price point, so let’s break down which one is the best value for you!

First, let’s talk about what is the SAME for all of the Disney World passes. Each pass gets certain benefits, and many of them are the exact same.

All Disney World Annual Passholders have the ability to Park Hop, combine park reservations, make additional park reservations for the length of their hotel stay at Disney World, access to bonus reservations, free standard theme park parking, and discounts on things like select dining and merchandise. You can also add on PhotoPass or the Water Parks and Sports option to any of the 4 passes.

Annual Passholder entrance at Animal Kingdom

Florida residents also have the ability to make monthly payments on any of the annual passes after a $205 down payment.

So, now that we know how all of the passes are the same, let’s talk about how they’re different!


The Incredi-Pass is the top tier of all of the Annual Passes with the most benefits. To start, it has no blockout dates, so you can visit the parks any time you want, as long as there are reservations available. Speaking of reservations, Incredi-Pass holders can hold up to 5 Park Pass Reservations at one time.

Annual Pass

With the most benefits and no blockout dates, the Incredi-Pass is also the most expensive of the passes. It’s $1,299 before tax. So, with having no blockout dates, the Incredi-Pass comes to about $3.56 per day for a year, if you were to split it up by how many days you’re able to go into the theme parks.

Annual Passholder Entrance

This is also the only pass available to non-Florida residents and people not in Disney Vacation Club. So, if you live out of state and aren’t a member, this is your only option for an Annual Pass.

Annual Pass

The Incredi-Pass is probably the most valuable to people who go on several trips to Disney World a year or on an extended trip or two. It’s also great for people who just don’t want to have any restrictions about when they can and can’t go to the parks. You can definitely earn the value of your pass the more frequently you go!

Sorcerer Pass

The next pass we have is the Sorcerer Pass. With this one, you can also have up to 5 Park Pass Reservations, but you do have some blockout dates. However, they’re pretty minimal — there’s only 19 days blocked out from now until June of 2023. The blockout dates for this pass are around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Magic Kingdom Annual Pass Entrance

This pass is also available only to Florida residents and Disney Vacation Club members. It’s $899 before tax, which comes out to around $2.60 per day for a year when taking blockout dates into account.

Annual Passholder magnet

This pass is $400 less than the Incredi-Pass and has less than 20 blockout dates, so it’s a pretty good deal if you compare the two! This pass would probably be the most valuable to Disney Vacation Club members or Florida residents who like to go to the parks frequently and don’t want a lot of restrictions. They just have to be fine with not going during the peak holidays!

Pirate Pass

The Pirate Pass is where we start to see a bit more of a difference between the passes. With this one, you can have up to 4 Park Pass Reservations at a time and there are significantly more blockout dates — about 68 days are blocked off from now until June 2023.

Annual passes can get you exclusive treats sometimes!

The Pirate Pass is also only available to Florida residents. This one is $699 before tax, which comes out to around $2.35 per day for a year when taking blockout dates into account.

Annual Passholder Entrance

This pass most likely has the most value for locals or people within driving distance that like to do long weekends and are okay with having some restrictions to when they can visit. For almost $700, you still have 297 days available for you to visit!

Pixie Dust Pass

The last pass we have is the Pixie Dust Pass. This is actually the only pass that’s available to buy right now, as Disney has paused sales on the other 3. With this pass, you get up to 3 Park Pass Reservations but you also have the most blockout dates. All of the weekends and peak times of the year are blocked out, which adds up to about 143 blockout dates from now until June 2023.

Annual Passholders also get exclusive merchandise!

This pass is also only available to Florida residents. It’s $399, which comes out to $1.80 per day for a year when taking blockout dates into account. But, you still have about 220 days that you can visit the parks!

Annual Passholder magnet

This pass would not be best for people who want to go whenever they want or who can only visit on weekends. It has the most value for locals who don’t have to travel too far to go to Disney World or people who have days off during the week. It’s also a great pass if you want to be a little less committed and just go to the parks occasionally. With the prices of park tickets right now, you could go for 3-4 days and your pass would have already paid for itself!

Annual Passholder merchandise

So, when considering which Annual Pass has the most value for you, think about how often you go or want to go to Disney World and how long you’re there for. If you’re going on 3 week-long trips in a year, then the Incredi-Pass or the Sorcerer Pass is probably a good option for you. Or, if you live locally and just want to pop into EPCOT for dinner on some nights, the Pixie Dust Pass might be the best way to go!

Which Annual Pass do you think is the most worth it?

Remember that all of the passes get perks like discounts and free parking, so you don’t have to worry about those benefits being compromised if you choose a pass that is less expensive.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for when all of these passes actually go back on sale, so stay tuned to All Ears for news and updates!

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Which Annual Pass do you think has the most value? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Being from Canada I was thinking about the Incredipass as that is the only one we can get … when available. However I am not impressed about the 5 parks day limit. I will be going for 10 days and currently have a 7 day ticket. What happens if the pass becomes available before I go and I get it. Will I loose a couple days of park reservations? And what happens if I cant get a park reservation after I start using my 5?(I will be going Nov/Dec)?