PHOTOS: We Stayed at the Disney World Hotel You Forgot Existed

If you’ve ever stayed at a Disney Deluxe Hotel, you might’ve found yourself a little spoiled by great architecture, subtle theming, great views, and more space.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort

But do all Disney deluxe hotels match up? Take Disney’s Old Key West Resort, for example, which is one of Disney’s least expensive deluxe hotels, and one that is often overlooked due to its distance from the parks by comparison. How does it compare to the other deluxe resorts? Let’s take a room tour to find out.

Resort Atmosphere

One thing you’ll notice when you first step foot at Disney’s Old Key West is that it feels very laid back — which is the idea. The concept behind the hotel is to make you feel like you’re living your best life in the Florida keys, drinking margaritas, and enjoying a lot of sunshine.

The theme here is laid back

That’s probably why this is a very popular destination for Disney Vacation Club members — it’s got that Florida Keys home away from home attitude going on. It’s not that close to any of the theme parks, but for some, that might be a bonus. It is, however, just a quick boat ride away from Disney Springs.

Guests Boarding to Head to Disney Springs

Even Sandcastle Pool makes you feel like you’re on an island beach with a giant sandcastle watching over everything.

Sandcastle Pool

You’ll find some great dining here, too — including the very underrated Olivia’s Cafe, which feels like it came directly from the Florida Keys.

Olivia’s Cafe

There’s also a quick-service spot, Good’s Food To Go, where you can grab a quick snack if you’re in a hurry.

Good’s Food To Go

More snacks and drinks are available at Turtle Shack Poolside Snacks.

Turtle Shack Poolside Snacks

For some fun twist on island drinks, head on over to Gurgling Suitcase, which probably has the most unique name of any bar at Disney World.

Gurgling Suitcase

Old Key West lives up to its name with its tropical island vibe, but what are the rooms like? Let’s take a room tour!

Room Tour

We stayed in a Deluxe Studio Room during our time at Old Key West.

That’s our room!

When you first enter, you’ll see a spacious room with two queen-sized beds.

The room

You’ll quickly see two sets of doors — the double doors open up into a closet, while the other opens up into the bathroom.


Inside the closet, you’ll see everything you’ll need for your stay.

Inside the closet

There’s an extra pillow and blanket…

You might need these

…a fire extinguisher…

Fire extinguisher

…plenty of hangers…


…a floor sweeper and vacuum cleaner (yes, there is carpet in this room)…

Floor sweeper and vacuum cleaner

…an iron…


…and an ironing board.

Ironing Board

This is also where you’ll find the room safe.

Room safe

The room itself is well-equipped and even has a ceiling fan — so VERY Florida Keys. There’s a dresser with plenty of drawers for your clothes opposite the beds. A flat-screen TV sits on top of it.

There’s even a ceiling fan

The furthest bed has a window next to it.


We could see palm trees when we glanced out — so VERY Florida.

Nice view

The window has two sets of curtains — a thin sheer curtain that pulls closed…

Thin curtain

…and a heavier black-out curtain that pulls closed.

Thicker curtain

Near the window is a set of double doors that lead out to the balcony.

Out to the balcony

The balcony doors have two black-out shades.


There’s a lock and handle on one of the doors.

Out to the balcony?

The balcony is small but has enough space for its small table and two chairs.


We had a view of palm trees, a road, and other hotel buildings.

Chilling with our view

To our right, we could see the tennis court and more greenery.

Tennis court

Back inside, we can take a closer look at the carpet, which is a light brown with a textured pattern on it.


Above each bed is two lights.


There’s also a small  table between the two beds…

Table between beds

…with a telephone…


…and an extra outlet with three-prong plug-ins, as well as USB plug-ins.

To plug in all your devices

The remote sits here, too, sanitized and wrapped in plastic. You’ll also find some Disney World brochures.


The top drawer pulls out for storage…

Lots of places to put your stuff

…and the bottom opens up for even more storage.

MORE places to put stuff.

Above this table is some art of Mickey on the beach.

It’s Mickey!

You’ll find a table and two chairs tucked into one corner. There’s a low-hanging light here…

Table and chairs

…along with some fun art on the wall.

The art is fun

The thermostat is nearby so you can keep the room as cool or as toasty as you like.


A trash can sits nearby just outside the bathroom.

Trash can

It has a space for regular trash and recyclables.

Trash can

There’s an “Enhanced Cleaning” placard on the table describing Disney’s cleaning protocols for hotel rooms.

Enhanced cleaning

These rooms also have a kitchenette.


The kitchenette features disposable silverware and cups…

Silverware and cups

…an ice bucket…

Ice bucket

…and a microwave…


There’s a countertop, complete with a sink, and a dishrag to wash your dishes.

Sink and counter

On the counter, you’ll find a toaster…


…a full-size coffee maker…

Full coffee maker

…and Joffrey’s coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, and sweetener.

Everything you need for a cuppa

Underneath the counter is a cabinet, along with a mini-refrigerator.

Cabinet and fridge

Inside the cabinet, you’ll find another trashcan and a paper towel roll.


The cabinet also holds extra paper towels, a sponge, and a mini dish soap.

Extra supplies

There’s an extra mirror outside the bathroom.

Extra mirror

Now let’s take a look inside the bathroom. There’s a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door.

Full length mirror

The bathroom is well lit with a bathtub/shower, toilet, trashcan, sink, and vanity mirror.

The bathroom

You’ll find towel racks with towels behind the bathroom door.

Need a towel?

The set-up underneath the vanity mirror has plenty of counter space for your makeup, beauty supplies, grooming tools, etc.

Loads of space

You’ll find a box of tissues on the counter.


There’s also a sink here.

The sink

You’ll be supplied with H20 Body Lotion and Facial Soap.

H20 Amenities

Underneath the counter on the right, you’ll find extra towels and washcloths.

Extra towels

The cabinet opens up and has space for more of your stuff. It’s also stocked with extra toilet paper and tissues.

Extra supplies

There’s a blowdryer on the bottom shelf on the left. There’s an empty top shelf for your stuff.


The toilet has a small trashcan beside it, as well as a toilet paper holder stocked with a roll of toilet paper.


There’s a nautical art print above the toilet.

Bathroom art

The tub and shower a blue and green curtain.

Tub and shower

You’ll find H20 Bath Soap, along with a washcloth and bath mat draped over the edge of the tub.

More H20

On the far wall of the shower, there are dispensers for H20 Conditioner, Body Wash, and Shampoo.

H20 Shower essentials

Beside the dispensers is an alcove where you can set your own bath and shower supplies.


The tub is about the same size as what you would see in other Disney World hotels.

How about a long soak after a day at the parks?

Above is a tall showerhead for those who prefer a shower.

Shower head

Now it’s time for a cup of that Joffrey’s coffee because that was a lot!

Overall Impression

Our room at Old Key West was more spacious than most other deluxe studio rooms we’ve stayed in. It was also comfortable and had some nice DVC amenities you don’t always get in Disney World hotel rooms. Having a kitchenette is always nice, along with a full-sized coffee maker and microwave. The Disney details here aren’t in your face, but the nods to Disney in the artwork remind us of where we are. If you’re looking for a deluxe hotel that has the same amenities as the other deluxes, but is less expensive, Old Key West might be the resort for you.

PHOTOS: We Stayed in the SMALLEST Disney World Hotel Room

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Have you ever stayed at Disney’s Old Key West Resort? Let us know in the comments!

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7 Replies to “PHOTOS: We Stayed at the Disney World Hotel You Forgot Existed”

  1. OKW is our home resort. If you think the studio was incredible, wait until you get a gander at the villas with full kitchen. When they talk about home away from home, this is it. OKW has the largest DVC rooms. Back in 2003, we booked Two Grand Villas (3-bedroom, two-storey) for 20 people, and it was sheer paradise.

    We always say that we’re going to stay somewhere else for our next vacation, but we always go back to OKW because nothing else compares.

  2. We’ve owned at OKW for 28 years. I tell everyone, when staying there, you can escape the Disney “chaos” while still being at Disney World. It’s a vacation within a vacation. The room and balcony sizes are the best. Next time you should stay in one of the larger units. The 3BR Grand Villa will blow you away with its space and the beautiful balcony. And, fyi, that’s not hand sanitizer under the sink in the kitchenette, that’s the brand of dish soap they use. LOL

  3. OKW is our 2nd DVC Home—our main Home is Polynesian. I love the fact OKW is very quiet. Does not have the monorail as does Polynesian, but the amenities are almost as good. The 2 queen beds are very comfortable. OKW is very spread out, but not as much as Saratoga and is quieter. The shower is excellent, and is great if you have spinal issues like I do. Gives a great massage. Olivia’s has great food. I have been to the real Key West, and the architecture is just like what you’d find there. The only thing is there are no roosters roaming the streets at OKW!

  4. My friends and I love OKW! We enjoy the laid-back peaceful feel of this resort. Olivia’s has great food. The bus system is efficient and they have an internal bus to get around the resort since it is a large resort. We’ve tried other resorts and always come back to OKW.

  5. Love the rooms facilities, hate the fact that you’re far from the main buildings and food locations. Not a convenient place to stay without a car and groceries.

  6. My family loves OKW! We are DVC owners at Bay Lake, but the rooms in OKW are *huge*. We always recommend it to friends who are looking for a quieter Disney vacation. Olivia’s is excellent, and the pools are great.