Your Genie+ Purchase in Disney World Now Comes With MORE

Last month, Disney World launched Genie and Genie+, two new planning tools to help build that perfect park day. From complimentary services like customizable itineraries to a new paid version of FastPass+, these two services have changed the way guests can navigate the parks.

Kilimanjaro Safaris’ new Lightning Lane sign

In addition to being your new go-to planning tool, Genie and Genie+ also allow its users to add an extra bit of magic to their trip.

When Genie+ was launched last month, it included augmented reality lenses to add some Disney flair to your phone’s camera, whether you were in the parks or at home through the Snapchat app! In-park lenses can be accessed within My Disney Experience.


Today, Disney has launched even MORE augmented reality lenses, available with the purchase of Genie+. These lenses include some stylish sunglasses in Magic Kingdom with Cinderella Castle in the reflection, an adventurous hat in Disney’s Animal Kingdom with Timon joining you on your journey, the ability to use Elsa’s icy powers, and proper attire for scaling Mt. Everest!

© Disney

If you’re interested in Genie+ on your next Disney World vacation, it costs $15 per guest, per day. And, don’t forget that you can use these AR lenses for up to 45 days after your trip ends too.

Keep following along for more of the latest news and updates as you plan your upcoming trip!

Not interested in purchasing Genie+? Here are some tips to make the most of your day in Disney World.

Have you used Genie+ yet since it launched in Disney World? Share your experience in the comments!

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5 Replies to “Your Genie+ Purchase in Disney World Now Comes With MORE”

  1. These fake pictures look silly, so you pay more money to get these fake add ons, and instead of actually having a REAL fun day with Picking free Fastpasses that you know you you will be going to between having your random spur of the moment fun on rides, shows, dining and magical experiences that cast members create, you now have to plan every moment before you arrive at Disney and pay more for it. We used to go and relax and the spur of the moment things were what made it a vacation, Planning every moment at Disney is just like being at home and going to work on a schedule, NO Thank You, we used to go twice a year but the last time we went was in 2014, we miss the Magic and glad we enjoyed it while it was Magical but that ship has sailed and its to bad. I come to this site cause i miss things from the parks , But more and more the Information here just reminds me of the money grab now with worthless perks, and they are no different then any other Theme Park or a Carnival now.

  2. It’s tough, after the fact, when you come to the realization Disney picked your pocket. At least before with fastpass you got three rides line free. May have been only one of the really popular rides and they may have been spread out throughout the day, but still you felt like someone was trying to make your day easier. I bet you if Disney offered that for the $15, people would love it. And Disney wouldn’t come away looking like the Artful Dodger like they do now. Remember Bob Chapek is THRILLED a third of guests are signing up. Never crosses his mind to ask why the other two thirds are not. And Lisa, ladies and gentlemen, summed it up in three short sentences.

  3. I purchased genie + for our day at MK last Thursday. Its a totsl waste of money for me and my 4 family members. I never got to use it. We were on one side of the park it only gave me options for hours ahead of time. And you can only make one reservation for lightning lane at a time.

    1. Thanks for the honest info. I suspect Genie+ will be like many “NEW & IMPROVED” additions of late at WDW, a huge financial flop that will have it’s initial investment costs absorbed by additional price hikes. Seems to me that Disney has the most unimaginative Imagineers these days. I would love to see AllEars produce a no holds barred list of Disney Flops from the past 10 years, all of which present day park goers are helping pay the bill for. My latest prediction to be added to the Flop list is the new StarWars hotel. May be selling out today, but once the limited number of true StarWars fans that have the financial ability to experience this “2- day attraction” tries it once, I’m betting it will be done. Not at all trying to be negative here, it’s just that after scores of WDW vacations, I’ve seen too many ideas that make one say “who’s stupid idea was this”.

      1. If 1/3 of guests are using Genie+ in some way, then how can it be a financial flop? I know we would all love for this service to fail, but it doesn’t sound like it is. It is bringing in a completely new stream of revenue to Disney Parks. It is one that caters to the group that throws money at problems to make them go away, ie, long lines.

        Galactic Starcruiser is already booked solid for four months from its opening date March 1 through the end of June. Time will tell if this demand will keep up, but if it does, expect higher prices and more Disney profits.