Pay-Per-Ride Option Sold Out for Disney World’s Most Popular Attraction

Welcome to the future: Disney Genie+ has arrived in Disney World.  Disney debuted two new paid services that allow guests to skip the lines at their favorite attractions called Individual Attraction Selection (IAS) and Genie+.


Now that we were finally able to test out Disney’s new paid FastPass systems, we’ve learned a lot! But, while Disney Genie+ will always be available, Individual Attraction Selections can sell out.

The Genie+ feature allows guests to make reservations to skip the line on certain attractions around the park. Some attractions aren’t included in this feature, though. Each park has two attractions (usually the two most popular rides) that are instead part of Individual Attraction Selection (or pay-per-ride).

Space Mountain

With Disney’s Individual Attraction Selection system, you can skip the lines at up to 2 attractions per day. These don’t have to be in the same park if you have the Park Hopper option.

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One important thing to note is that attractions can sell out within the IAS system, as was the case today. At about 9:45 on October 19th, reservations for Rise of the Resistance sold out in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Rise of the Resistance

On the app, we noticed that the Rise of the Resistance attraction’s option for Lightning Lane (where you can usually click to purchase a reservation) said “Not Currently Offered.”


We asked a Cast Member about it, and they told us that there weren’t any reservations available at the moment. They hoped that more reservations will open up later in the day, maybe around 1PM or 2PM (which is close to when the virtual queue used to reopen back with Rise used a virtual queue).

Rise of the Resistance Entrance

So while you can’t get a Lightning Lane pass for Rise of the Resistance right now, it’s possible that more will be available later in the day. We’ll keep watching and let you know.

Rise of the Resistance pre-show room

So far, Rise of the Resistance is the only attraction to sell out of pay-per-ride reservations, but a couple of other rides only have times available for pretty late in the day. For example, Slinky Dog Dash (which is a Disney Genie+ attraction) only has times for 7:30PM and later, as of writing. These might sell out soon, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know about the updates.

Slinky Dog Dash

We’ll be interested to see how often IAS sells out, and keep in mind that the crowd level may play a role in whether Individual Attraction Selections will sell out. We’ll continue to keep you updated with more Disney Genie information and tips!

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Will you be using Individual Attraction Selection? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “Pay-Per-Ride Option Sold Out for Disney World’s Most Popular Attraction”

  1. When I looked at the app stand by line wasn’t available either. It just said unavailable. Does that mean the attraction room was down or just overwhelmed with riders in both the stand by queue and the pay per ride ? #somuchtolearn