AllEars TV: Is This Disney World Restaurant REALLY a Must-Do?

It’s time for another Walt Disney World restaurant visit! This time Molly is headed to one of the most popular spots in EPCOT — Chefs de France!

Is this iconic spot worth stopping at during your stroll through World Showcase? Get ready for classic French cuisine in a picturesque spot as we review this classic Disney restaurant!

Watch Molly Go to One of the Most Popular Spots in World Showcase!

Where’s your favorite place to eat in EPCOT? Let us know in the comments below!

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One Reply to “AllEars TV: Is This Disney World Restaurant REALLY a Must-Do?”

  1. It sounds like the food has gotten better over time. The last time I was there, if I thought about it long enough, I could’ve told you exactly which Lean Cuisine my meal tasted like. I didn’t see it on the menu when it was shown but it was some sort of short rib and it was so disappointing. I’ve been scared to give it a 3rd try but Molly’s meal looked very good. My dad did enjoy the salmon.