REVIEW: Are Disney World’s New Face Masks Worth the Price Tag?

Ever since Disney World reopened last summer, face masks have been a requirement all around the property.

Disney World began selling its own face masks with patterns of favorite characters a while back, and since then they’ve altered the design a few times, experimenting with new fabrics and fits. Today, we spotted a brand new face mask fit in Magic Kingdom, and we decided to try it out!

When stopping by the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, we spotted these new face masks on display. They’re pretty different than Disney’s old design!

Brand new face masks!

These have adjustable straps and don’t have thick seams around the edges. Honestly, they look like they’re going to be more comfortable!

You can use the slider on the straps to adjust to your comfort.

The unfortunate thing about these new masks is that they’re $14.99 each. The other Disney face coverings are $9.99 each, so that’s a $5 difference in price. Nevertheless, we wanted to try one out, so we bought it anyway.

They’ve got a whole display of them!

When you buy these, they come in a resealable pouch, which is great to hold onto for when you have to take your mask off!

That little pouch is pretty handy.

We decided to also buy one of the other face masks to compare. Here’s what they both look like in their packaging.

The old mask and the new one.

When we lined the masks up together, the new design is slightly bigger than the old one (in the same size).

The Mickey mask has more fabric coverage.

Time to try them on! First, let’s start with the OG. Here’s what it looks like on our stylish model, Molly.

Rock that Captain America mask, girl!

Molly shared that she’s in-between sizes in these original masks. In the photo, she’s wearing a large, but the fit is a little off. She shared that the top of the mask gets too close to her eyes for comfort and the bottom is loose and baggy, with a lot of extra material under her chin.

Not Molly’s favorite fit.

She also noted that these types of masks lay right on your face, which may be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

View of the old mask from the side.

With the new mask, the fabric doesn’t sit directly on your face because it’s a lot more structured. Even though Molly felt like she could go down a size from the large in this one, the fit wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as the first.

The new mask is a different shape altogether!

The ear straps are adjustable and they’re fairly comfortable at first wear. The nose bridge on the new mask makes it a bit more secure.

A glimpse at the adjustable ear straps.

As far as wearing the mask all day goes, the fabric is definitely thicker than what we’ve seen on other masks, like the blue disposable surgical ones. That’s really our only complaint here.

It’s a little thicker than others but definitely pretty comfy.

Overall, we thought this was the most comfortable of the Disney-made mask options for sure. Even though the fabric was a little bit thicker, it wasn’t quite as noticeable since it wasn’t pushed right about against the skin.

We’d definitely wear it again!

As far as sizing goes, we think that most adults are safe to buy a large. For toddlers and small children, get a small, and for kids, teens, and smaller adults, try a medium. Those with larger faces or who need some extra space in the mask should buy an XL.

It has pretty good coverage!

Stay tuned to AllEars for more updates on the new merchandise coming to Disney World! We’ll also make sure to give you all the news on masks and other health and safety measures in the parks!

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