PHOTOS: Monorail Adds Dividers to Increase Capacity in Disney World

In recent weeks and months, we’ve been keeping an eye on the plexiglass dividers being installed on many Disney World rides and attractions to increase that ride’s capacity.

Plexiglass dividers on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Now, we are starting to see additional dividers being installed on the Monorail, allowing for capacity to increase on this particular method of Disney transportation.

Dividers had been installed on the Monorails since Disney World first reopened, but we heard about additional barriers being added in recent days! So we hopped on the Monorail today to get a look at these new dividers ourselves.

New Monorail dividers

The new dividers split each car into four seating “sections,” similar to what we’ve seen on the Disney buses.

New Monorail dividers

The dividers have a frosted look to them, obstructing your view of the other seating sections. Signage is also present on the dividers reminding guests to keep their face coverings on.

New Monorail dividers

We also got a couple of videos to show you the full “picture” of what the Monorail currently looks like!

Here’s another view of what it looks like to be sitting on one of these Monorails right now!

Note that not all Monorails have these additional dividers installed yet, so the capacity on each Monorail train may vary for the time being. We’ll be sure to keep checking in as more of these dividers appear on the Monorail trains!

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Have you visited Disney World since it reopened this past July? Let us know in the comments.

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