The Worst Spot To Dine at Each Disney World Park

Walt Disney World has some amazing dining locations, but not every restaurant can be a winner. For every world-renowned restaurant, there are some that are…not so renowned.

Pizzafari Family Style

AllEars readers have reviewed nearly every restaurant at the resort, and we’ve rounded up the worst dining location at every Disney World park, according to you.

Let’s see which restaurants have won this questionable prize.

A quick disclaimer: These rankings are based entirely on reader reviews. We know some of you will disagree, and even the (subjectively) worst Disney restaurant can still have fans and tasty menu items. If you disagree with the “worsts” listed below, be sure to leave your own review defending your dining location of choice.

Magic Kingdom: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Let’s be clear. Tony’s is far from the worst restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. In fact, it’s merely below average. However,  it’s got the lowest score with a 6.8 out of 10.

Tony's Town Square Restaurant

Rating: 7.02 / 10 Recommended By: 74%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner, Children's Lunch/Dinner
Services: Table Service

The reviews are generally positive, but there are some recurring issues that pop up time and time again in reviews: long wait times and bland food. One reader described it as being “better than Olive Garden”, which depending on your view of OG might elicit different responses. 😉

Dishonorable Mention:  Tortuga Tavern

I guess pirates have bad taste?

While this restaurant is only open seasonally, long lines, a limited menu, and disappointing food have had many of our readers decide that a pirate’s life isn’t for them.

EPCOT: Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

Tutto Gusto is interesting in that its complaints aren’t about the food or atmosphere. In fact, both of those are quite highly rated by our readers. It’s the service that has bothered our reviewers.

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar Restaurant

Rating: 6.41 / 10 Recommended By: 71%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner
Services: Bar/Lounge

Families say they have waited for nearly an hour for their server to return to their table. It seems like the Disney magic has skipped over this place, as Cast Members are frequently criticized for poor service and rudeness.

Dishonorable Mention: Lotus Blossom Cafe

Lotus Blossom Cafe

This place isn’t awful, which says a lot about EPCOT’s quality. However, it’s not any better than your food court Chinese place. Save your money and order some Panda Express instead.

Lotus Blossom Cafe Restaurant

Rating: 6.55 / 10 Recommended By: 82%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner
Services: Quick Service

Hollywood Studios: Hollywood and Vine

Hollywood and Vine

Hollywood Studios’ character dining location is…okay. This location is a great spot to meet the Fab 5 in seasonal outfits, but early reviews seem to be consistent with problems this restaurant has had in the past. Multiple reviewers have called the food “horrible”, with tough meat, acidic salt, and dry desserts. Long wait times are also a factor, as you can end up waiting two hours or more for your meal. Overall, reviewers believe there are better character dining options around the resort.

Hollywood and Vine Restaurant

Rating: 7.30 / 10 Recommended By: 74%
Menus: Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner
Services: Buffet/All You Care to Eat

One caveat, however? The low reviews specifically apply to the lunch and dinner forms of seasonal dining. The Disney Junior Play ‘n Dine is praised for its food quality but still has issues with wait times and service.

Animal Kingdom: Pizzafari

Pizzafari Pepperoni Pizza

Listen, some people enjoy puffy pizza! But lots of reviewers showed up to share that when there are options in Walt Disney World like Via Napoli, Pizza Ponte, or even Blaze, Pizzafari ranked low amongst reviewers for its “lower quality” pizza options.

Pizzafari Restaurant

Rating: 6.27 / 10 Recommended By: 65%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner, Dinner
Services: Quick Service , Table Service

Disney Springs: Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafes are great for beautiful decor and fun theming, but reviewers shared that they found the food less than desirable.

Rainforest Cafe Restaurant

Rating: 4.98 / 10 Recommended By: 50%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner, Children's Lunch/Dinner
Services: Table Service

Did you agree with our reviewers’ rankings? If not, head to our dining page and leave a review!

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30 Replies to “The Worst Spot To Dine at Each Disney World Park”

  1. I drive a thousand miles from Houston to the Disney bubble once a year for the last few years. I don’t frequent too many Disney restaurants as these on the list come up in YouTube video reviews too. I don’t care to pay for the possibility of meh food. I have eaten at Steakhouse 71 for breakfast and Whispering Canyon a few times for lunch. I save money by eating off property and get things I know I’ll enjoy or try local restaurants around Kissimmee and Celebration. If I hear good things maybe I’ll give it a shot, but at this point it’s unlikely.

  2. Honestly I was really excited for Ohana dinner. Staff and location were amazing. The food? Way. Too. Much. Such a waste, and trust me – I can eat! Food was meh. Both of us felt ill after. A bit over rated if you ask me.

  3. I do not go to Disney for a culinary experience. Sometimes we get them anyway. Both sides. My two favorites- 1. Getting sick after eating at The Sci Fi Cafe and ending up in Disney’s hospital. 2. Having the manager of Rain Forest in Disney Springs wait on us after he fired our waiter.

  4. Resturant Marakesh. Not all that familiar with Mediterranean cuisine but went with an open mind. The food was inedible. Dry and flavorless.

  5. I don’t agree with the ranking of Tony’s or the rainforest cafe, my wife and I both enjoyed both places

  6. I Have to TOTALLY disagree with #3 ” Tutto Gusto.” It is one of our Favorite places to dine. The Food is Amazing and so is the Service. Agreed that because of some ” High Top Tables” it MAY be difficult and a wait for Handicap people. But we have NEVER waited for our server at ANY Time They have Always been Professional and very Friendly to Talk with. In Fact we have made Friends with some of them and they know us each time we Visit. I Find it to be a Very RELAXING restaurant.

  7. We love Tutto Gusto! I think you have to go in there with the mentality that you’re just going to relax. I love to go sit on one of the little couches and have some drinks and some food whenever I can. My daughter and I love it when we are there for a girls’ trip and my husband and I enjoy it as well. I think people are disappointed because they are going in there looking at it as a regular restaurant instead of a relaxing wine bar.

    1. We enjoy Tony’s also. Our food was tasty and served piping hot. Our server was very personable but slower than molasses.

      1. We love Tony’s. We always sit outside there and love the atmosphere. My only complaint is we always seem to get the same server and he’s a bit aloof and we have a hard time understanding him..and the mask makes that even worse.

  8. Why was 50’s prime left out? Let me put my helmet on before I start LOL. We went in august right after they reopened. The food was mediocre and they experience? What experience? Our server was friendly as can be. No acting which we were told ‘you gotta go there for the acting’. We could have easily just order hooters wings back at our resort and saved $100

  9. Normally I don’t comment on other people’s opinions BUT I must stand up for Hollywood & Vine, post pandemic. I was just there for thanksgiving and not only were they kind enough to see us loitering around and offer us a table right away without a reservation, but the food was excellent and came so fast! I had the Mac & cheese with shrimp and my friend had the turkey meal. Both were delicious and so fresh. The characters visited our area multiple times. We were not there as long as a normal character meal, where you’re sitting around waiting for that last character to come to your table after you’ve finished your food 30 minutes ago… I think with an actual chef/menu, it’s 10x better than the buffet.

  10. Can we really count Rainforest Cafe it’s a national chain that just happens to operate in Disney springs not really sure if Disney has any input on the restaurant additionally with the addition of T Rex I feel like rain forest gets a bad wrap because it’s the same concept just with different characters and if I’m not mistaken T Rex is owned by Disney

  11. Hollywood and Vine UGH! Had a reservation and sat there waiting to be called while those without a reservation were seated before me!?! What was that all about. Ended up going back to the desk to remind them i was still waiting. An hour wait, with a reservation! Not worth it

  12. Sci Fi Drive In has the worst food ever and service is no better. The old campy movies are best of the experience. The ribs were cold and we never received our appetizer. We were credited accordingly but it was not the best of Disney.

  13. I wholeheartedly agree with tutto gusto and tutto italia. I was ordering one of their overpriced pasta dishes but I don’t eat meat so I asked if I could sub the meat for veggies (any kind of vegetable) and the server briskly said no we can’t do that. If I’m dropping $25 on a bowl of dry pasta, just throw a few peppers or onions on for Christ’s sake.

  14. I’ve eaten at Tony’s a few times and each time I thought “maybe they are having an off night” and finally I realized no, it’s just bad.

    My go-to at ML is Skipper Canteen, probably for its combination of cost, taste, and consistency.

  15. Hollywood and vine is great with a reservation, lots of characters for the kids. I’d say breakfast or minnie semi vegeatarian fare lunch. We enjoyed it everytime we went

  16. I found myself disagreeing with most of this, and then I realized the problem: I’m a vegetarian! Disney has REALLY fallen behind the times when it comes to offering vegetarians ANY kind of variety. And when try DO try, usually at Animal Kingdom, the results are…interesting, and not much else. So that doughy Pizzafari pizza just makes me feel at home. 😄

    1. the old flatbread pizzas they used to serve at Pizzafari were so much better than what is served now. Relenting to the common denominator (i.e., kid friendly) unfortunately.

  17. Not sure how many people know, but Rainforest Cafe is owned by Landry’s, is a chain restaurant, as with T-Rex and Yak and Yeti.

    Pizzafari is just basic, quick commercial pizza, like Hungry Howie’s (minus the flavorful crust options.)

  18. In regards to Hollywood & Vine, “acidic salt”, what is that? I like to cook and how can salt be acidic?

  19. I have to agree with all of the “worst”. However, more than once I’ve slipped into the Rainforest bar – no reservation required – and grabbed an appetizer and refreshing tropical drink. It has provided a quick respite for the feet 🙂 and the bartenders have always been fast and friendly.

  20. I would never view Lotus Blossom as anything more than a quick snack location. The potstickers are ok. What I objected to at my last visit to Lotus Blossom was the rude treatment by staff because I was using an ECV. There are no posted instructions regarding access for ECVs or any kind of direction by staff, and yet I was rudely treated by the person cleaning table, despite the fact that the ECV was not in her way or blocking an aisle or another table.