I Would Die for Ant-tony: 76 Thoughts I Had Watching ‘Ant-Man’ for the First Time

HOWDY EVERYONE. It’s Molly again!

Ready to ROAR into another Marvel Film.

And I am back with the next Marvel film on my list — Ant-Man!

I’ve been watching all of them for the first time, and I’ve been really looking forward to this one (cause, Paul Rudd, duh). I tried to watch this one once before, but TBH, I fell asleep. I feel confident that won’t happen this time, now that I’m deeply invested in the MCU.

Let’s get to it!

76 Thoughts I Had Watching Ant-Man for the First Time



1. STARK?! Wow we are jumping RIGHT in here.

2. Oh heyyy Michael Douglas. Also, how does he look 40 and not 75?!

3. WAIT — is that Peggy Carter? This is too much for 80 seconds in.

4. What in the world is Paul Rudd’s skin care routine? He’s aging in reverse.

5. Lots of questions as to what Paul Rudd did to land in jail.

6. Masters of Engineering working at Baskin-Robbins…every millennial felt this.


7. “Who are you?” “Dave.” Uhhh, pretty sure you’re rapper T.I. (Confirmed on IMDB.)

8. Now THAT’s what Michael Douglas looks like.

9. Kate from Lost!! Between the haircut and the science lab, I’m getting a real Claire from Jurassic World vibe from her.

10. Ok this bald guy is obviously bad. How did I know? His general vibe. Also, I learned in Iron Man that bald guys are typically bad in Marvel movies.

11. WHY are they always doing crazy technology for war in these movies? Could they not try and cure diseases or make Pringles cans large enough for hands to fit in?

12. Alright, we have set up the plot. Obviously Paul Rudd is gonna team up with Kate and Michael and be the ant-man.

13.  “What language? I said hat.” LOLOLOL of course this one is funny.


14. EWWW he’s wiping up a human person like he’s jelly that fell off his PB&J.

15. “You deserve everything coming your way.” STING. (Insect pun intended.)

16. This scheme set up is giving me Ocean’s 11 vibes which I am into.

17. Something tells me this is Michael Douglas’ house.

18. LOLOLOL at the Titanic references.


19. I KNEW it was Michael Douglas’ house.


21. They killed the lamb. Not pleased.

22. And just like that…he’s ANT MAN.

23. The graphics in this one are reallllllllly cool.

24. When I watched Honey I Shrunk the Kids as a child, I thought it would be awesome to be tiny. I am now realizing it would be a nightmare.

25. Michael Douglas set this whole thing up!! I kinda love him in the wise older man pulling all the strings role.

26. So can Michael Douglas…control all the ants?

27. OMG is that cop is JULIUS FROM REMEMBER THE TITANS?! (IMDB says yes.)

28. Every time I swat at an ant for the rest of my life I am going to fear it’s Paul Rudd.

29. Are those giant ants real!? (Pauses to google: YES. Wow, what a nightmare.)


30. LOL Paul Rudd raising his hand at the table is literally me in Zoom meetings.

31. Oof Hope, voting out your own dad? Not cool.

32. LOL at the little girl throwing shade to her step dad.

33. OMG WHERE CAN I GET A TINY LAMB? (I realize this is bad plot-wise.) Also that guy doesn’t deserve a tiny lamb if he’s gonna flick it.

34. Avengers puns and references.

35. Cue the Rousing purpose speech, followed by the awesome training sequence.


36. “She died in a plane crash.” Lost joke?

37. Wow…who knew Bobby Newport was so…smart.

38. Ok, so Hope is really good with the ants?

39. So, Hope is gonna follow in her mother’s footsteps and end up the Wasp right?

40. “You know, you guys are breaking down walls, you’re healing, it’s important.” LOL.



42. FALCON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my fave part so far?

43. “I’m a big fan.” – Scott, also me, talking to Falcon

44. “It’s really important to me that Captain never finds out about this.” LOL OH FALCON.


46. “We’re doomed.” I kinda agree with Michael Douglas. But, they’re also the good guys and they always win.

47. Paul Rudd seems like he would just be the best. He’s so likeable.

48. He’s gonna whistle.

49. I didn’t realize he’d whistle “it’s a small world” though LOL.

50. When I started this movie, I didn’t care at all about ants. Now, I would die for Ant-thony.


51. T.I. stole Julius’ cop car!!

52. Buncha baddies just landed on the roof.

53. Representatives of HYDRA?!?!?!

54. Rut-roh.

55. Why do all the bad guys experiment on themselves with the crazy science injections?

56. Ants to the rescue!!!!


58. WHOA. That was some fancy “blow up and suck up the building” tech.

59. Who could’ve predicted that the bad guy would put on the suit?


60. Imagine just playing ping pong and some killer man-bee just pops outta your pool!!!


62. “Are you a monster?” Cassie to the Hornet, also me if someone says they don’t like Disney World

63. Thomas during this entire battle:

64. “That’s a messed up looking dog.” LOL.

65. Is he going sub atomic?! (This whole thing reminds me of going Turbo in Wreck-it Ralph.)

66. Obviously his daughter’s voice will save him.

67. Awww, the little wave to his daughter at the end was cute.

68. A romance between these two who were previously bickering and beating each other up?


70. FALCON IS BACK!!!!!!

71. So…Ant-man is gonna be an Avenger right?

*skips credits*

72. The WASP!!! Called it.

73. Nobody sets up a sequel like Marvel.

*skips more credits*

74. BUCKY!!!!!

75. “I know a guy.”



Unpopular opinion, I was a little let down by Ant-Man (the movie not the character. I loved the character, cause…Paul Rudd). Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was a little…bored?

I think the main thing this goes to show, is that I am over the initial backstories. I love the characters when they’re all together, and I am confident that I’ll love Ant-Man in future films. But, I found this movie to be predictable, and coming off a team movie, I wished more of the Avengers showed up. The scene with Falcon was my favorite part! That said, of all the backstory movies, this was one of the best.

On a scale of 1 – 10, where 1 is sour milk, and 10 is your favorite flavored milkshake, I award Ant-Man a 7.


Up next: Captain America: Civil War!

Share your favorite Marvel movie in the comments!


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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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10 Replies to “I Would Die for Ant-tony: 76 Thoughts I Had Watching ‘Ant-Man’ for the First Time”

  1. OMG I’ve been checking every day for these Marvel updates and they no longer show up on the main page. I thought you had stopped watching but apparently I have to dig around the website for them now. These updates have been my favorite part of AllEars. To me these are much bigger news than some of the other stuff making AllEars headlines. lol

  2. I watched them as they came out, and then all in a row. The latter way, the origins do tend to pile up a bit. Still the Ant Man films are great fun “palette cleansers “ between some of the darker entries.

  3. Happy to hear you liked it, but honestly what is not to like about Paul Rudd. I agree that the origin stories are a little slower than the movies where the character is already established. If you like the “team-up” movies you will love Civil War or as some call it Avengers 2.5. You are now entering into phase 3 and Marvel just hits home run after home run. I love the extra credit scenes too. What has your favorite been so far? I like shawarma and Bucky at the museum. Up next Captain America Civil War – hope you like it.

  4. What’s so amazing to me is that I can actually “hear” you saying all of these things! Lol! And having just watched all of the Marvel movies myself over the last few months, I love your thoughts you’ve been sharing! Thank you Molly!

  5. This film, like many others features incredible technological breakthroughs but people only seem interested in using them for weapons. How about using them to solve the worlds problems and make $trillions
    In the process!

  6. I think you are going to LOVE Captain America Civil War. It was my favorite of all the MCU, until Infinity War came out. I can’t wait to see that review. I agree with your comments about Ant-Man. It was a fine movie but a little underwhelming compared to others.

    Paul Rudd is a national treasure and he is great at his role. I have loved him since I saw him when Clueless first came out. He hasn’t aged a day since then.