Robot Murder and Manful Tears: 95 Thoughts I Had During My First Time Watching ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

WE’RE BACK! A Marvel & Molly Story…

We’ve made it all the way to the second Avengers movie on this journey of watching all the Marvel flicks for the first time!

I liked the last Avengers gang movie a decent amount — it’s so fun when they’re all together! Let’s see what they’re up to this time.

No idea what’s gonna happen, except I can always bank on Iron Man for sass, Bruce to become green, Thor for eye candy, and Captain America to be annoyingly perfect.


95 Thoughts I Had Watching Avengers: The Age of Ultron for the First Time

1. The blue stick! That’s Loki’s. Last time I saw it some weird twins were there too.

2. Is that who’s holding hands?

3. Whoa — quick cut to the gang kicking butt. We are wasting NO time.

4. HULK!!! I missed you buddy.

5. “Language.” Classic Cap.

6. Angry German guys. Must be Hydra.

7. The TWINS!! Who are these weirdos?

8. Am I gonna learn how Iron Man is still Iron Man? Like are we gonna get a *72 hours earlier* screen?

9. A little early for me to fear for an Avengers’ life, sheesh.

10. Team work makes the dream work!


11. There’s a lot of inconsistencies with the Hulk recognizing people or not? Like why does it take a gentle caress of Natasha’s hand, where at the end of Avengers he just knew who’s team he was on? Also what is happening to him?!

12. Wow the Twins are an actual nightmare.

13. OH NO Tony has been…brain washed? Infiltrated? Whatever you call it, he got got by the girl twin.

14. Honestly WHAT is happening.

15. Where are they? Why are they all dead? Was that his nightmare? Who is this girl? Why did she let him get the stick?

16. How much did Beats by Dre pay to be the headphones of Bruce’s choice?

17. Is the Hulk having an existential crisis?


19. “He’s fast and she’s weird.” – could they just explain everything like that to me please? I need this movie on a second-grade level.

20. “Will Thor be there?” – That would be me.

21. Why do I feel like Iron Man is gonna make a whoopsie while messing with this stick?

22. Should I know what Veronica is? TBD.

23. Why do I know this robot’s voice? *checks IMDB* OMG it’s James Spader from the Blacklist!! AKA Robert California.

24. FALCON!!!! RHODES!!!! I wanna go to this party.

25. Yeah where are the ladies? Actually, I prefer Jane never show up again. Pepps on the other hand, I’d love to see her!

26. Stan Lee!! Trying to outdrink Thor. The best cameo yet.

27. Are Hulk and Natasha a thing?

28. “If I lift this I will rule Asgard?” This scene of all of them trying to life the Hammer is v. funny. Like one of my favorite scenes in any movie yet.

29. WHOA did it *budge* when Cap tried?!

30. Did he REALLY kill Jarvis?! I love Jarvis!!

31. OH no!! Loki’s stick!!

32. LOL to him singing Pinocchio.

33. “Together.” Captain America is so wholesome.

34. Iron Man, you’re my fave (or one of, it may be Peter Quill now. TBD), but you did make a murder bot which wasn’t *great.*

35. Creepy twins team up with creepy robot (who got a new lewk).

36. OH DANG. The bombs that killed the twins’ parents were made by Stark.


37. But you don’t have a girlfriend Barton? Who ya talking to? Is it Nick Fury?!

38. WAKANDA?!!!!!! I don’t know much but I know that word.

39. Vibranium. I know that word too thanks to Captain America.

40. The slow down action scenes are fun.

41. “I am mighty.” I love Thor’s self-confidence.

42. GO Hawkeye!! …Oof.

43. Wow they are all having some TRIPPY visions.

44. Is this the only time Peggy and Steve get to dance? Tell me no.


46. So Veronica is a metal cage? Doesn’t work.

47.  “I’m sorry.” I mean that is your bestie, Tony and you’re being a scootch violent towards him.

48. I feel bad for the Hulk.

49. Linda Cardellini?! Barton sure didn’t have a girlfriend — just a wife and kids. Casual.

50. Is that the first time someone’s actually called him Hawkeye?

51. So he wants an army of genius evil robots? Am I understanding this one correctly? This one is confusing me more than others.

52. Oof, Natasha’s backstory is…bleek.

53. Did Cap just … rip that log in half?


55. Bootstrap Bill!! Ugh, does that mean Jane is showing up?

56. Did Clint lend everyone a flannel or do they all just have matching lumberjack shirts? (Related, v.  into the autumnal look.)

57. Is that an infinity stone in Loki’s stick?!

58. Whoa…is Thor’s crazy vision showing us all the infinity stones? Are they a rainbow?

59. Ok so the girl twin knows the world is gonna explode thanks to the unborn robot? Is she gonna switch sides?

60. This movie is basically just Santa Clause 2.

61. Cap is so cool with his shield…..anddddd he lost it.

62. I love Natasha putting these men in their place.

63. The chick who has visions….there is something vaguely familiar about her. *checks IMDB* OMG SHE’S AN OLSEN!?!?!?!? As in, sister to famed actresses Mary Kate and Ashley, stars of blockbuster hits such as Billboard Dad, It Takes Two, and How the West Was Fun?!?!

64. Happy to have the twins on our side — granted I wish the “twins” were actually Mary Kate and Ashley.

65. I mean Stark and Cap are definitely the opposite ends of the good guy spectrum. Is this whole thing just a set up for Civil War? (I only know what that is because I remember the posters of them staring at each other. No idea if they’re actually even fighting but this is my guess now.)

66. Thor is here to save the day!! Thank goodness.

67. WHAT is this new robot with the jewel in his head? I don’t like having to keep so many robots straight.

68. I miss the simple days when Loki was just pretending to be other people and hoodwinking everyone.

69. The robot picked up Thor’s hammer so…that’s something?

70. The Bruce/Natasha duo is almost the worst couple in these movies — second only to Jane and Thor. Like honestly, she didn’t need him to escape.

71. So the big rock will kill everyone on the planet if it gets too high?

72. Barton is such a good dad.

73. “What were you napping?” Do you think part of Avenger training is zippy one-liners?

74. “Nobody would know…” LOL Is Barton the best one?



77. Will I EVER know what happened to Nick’s eye?


79. I love when Robin Sparkles gets feisty.

80. “I am…running out of things to say.” “If there’s too much weight you lose power on the swing.” I like cheeky Thor.

81. “Not all of us can fly.” GOOD POINT. Natasha and Clint are mere mortals keeping up with sci-fi experiments and literal gods.


83. Ultron just got roasted by Thor, Tony, and good robot, with a dash of Hulk.

84. LOL at Clint and Natasha talking home makeover in the middle of a battle that could end humanity.

85. Honestly, I too wanted to break up Natasha and Hulk’s weird lullaby thing.

86. Oh. I’m sad about the boy twin.

87. I really hate this Hulk takes care of Natasha bit. Like she is way too awesome for the damsel in distress role.

88. *lots of intense action sequences* Ok so they saved the planet?

89. “Well, I was born yesterday.” LOL Robot humor.

90. “Nothing lasts forever.” – Natasha, also me talking about her romance with Bruce

91. Tony Stark is so zippy. I adore him. “A lot of manful tears.”

92. THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!! Avengers, round 2.

93. Why do these end credit statues all looked like they were carved out of butter?

94. Oh a fancy glove… THANOS!!!!

95. Ok I know he’s supposed to be realllll scary, but so far, he just looks like Grimace from McDonald’s.

This movie was…odd. It had some real highs (basically anything Captain America did and the awesome Thor’s hammer party scene) but also some real lows (the silly Bruce/Natasha romance). Plus, I missed Loki!

I still enjoy the scenes when they’re all together, but I didn’t care for all the robot action. This one didn’t seem to do a TON for the overarching MCU plot either, other than introduce a few more characters. It DID deepen the characters development, specifically Tony Stark and Cap, which I assume is to set up Civil War. We shall see soon!

Overall, I liked this one less than the first Avengers, but more than some of the individual films. It sits pretty fairly in the middle of the pack thus far for me. On a scale of 1 to 10, where a 1 is dropping your ice cream cone and a 10 is an ice cream sundae, I give it a 6.9 (mostly for that hammer scene — it would a 6.5 without it.)

Next up, Ant-Man!

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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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8 Replies to “Robot Murder and Manful Tears: 95 Thoughts I Had During My First Time Watching ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’”

  1. OK lots to comment on, I think you are totally correct on this one being middle of the pack (so Far) it will move down the list as you see more movies.

    You have some great insight on things – Grimace, Cap and Peggy dancing, Fury’s eye, Wakanda – it will be made clear in time.

    Going back and watching this film after seeing the later films helps to make some things more clear but yes it is a little confusing.

    BTW, this was the first MCU film I took my son to see in the movie theater.

    You will like Ant Man – Paul Rudd is funny and so is Michael Pena – more big name stars too.

  2. I’m a big fan of Ultron, Vision & the Scarlet Witch and the Hulkbuster armor from the comics but I can see how throwing it all together could be confusing. I did like the tweaks they made to make it all fit in to the universe they made.
    And as others have said, they may seem like unconnected details now, but many of them will pay off hugely later on.

  3. You know how you’re scared of Ursula? I’m terrified of Ultron. When he sings Pinocchio, I get literal shivers and have to close my eyes. Oh and when he appears in the elevator, my worst nightmare. I rate this movie a 1.5 – and only because the hammer scene is fantastic!

  4. In the first avengers the first time we see Hawkeye some one refers to him as the hawk in his nest when he’s guarding the teseract

  5. Oh trust me, everything in that movie was important for the next phase of movies you’re about to watch. It’s really impressive how they put this cinematic universe together and I honestly don’t think we will ever see anything else like it.

  6. One of my least liked of the collection. Especially since I lust after Loki. It seemed like a waste of time really. Any Man and Wasp is funny. But that’s all. Can’t wait to hear your reaction to Ragnorak and Black Panther. They are up there with Winter Soldier. 🍁

  7. This was a movie that was pulled in different directions. It was the last Wheedon movie and Ike Perlmutter nearly ruined the MCU. Something to look into.

    I was kidding before, this is the last above average movie. Hulk snapped for the first time in the first Avengers and didn’t recognize them because Hulk and Banner don’t share information well. You saw him slowly grow into teaming up with them in the first Avengers.

    Also, Jarvis’ voice is in Vision!

  8. I was with you when I first saw this movie, wasn’t the best, wasn’t the worst. This movie has really grown on me now that the entire Infinity Saga is complete. It makes way more sense now to me than it did on first watch. I say give this one another go after you are done with everything. Also, totally agree on your opinion of Jane and the Nat/Bruce ship. Not a fan of either!