Several Character Dining Experiences Have Gotten a Price Increase at Disney World

Ah, Disney World. You just love to hit us with those price increases, don’t you?

Chef Mickey’s

We’ve seen increases on everything from reusable mugs to ticket pricing in the last year, and now we’re seeing a new one that will have an effect on guests who are travelling with kiddos. It looks like character meals and buffets just got a little bit pricier at Disney World!

We noticed a roughly $1 increase on adult meals and a $3 to $4 increase on kids meals at many character buffets around Disney World today.

Ariel at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

The restaurants that we spotted with this price increase include:

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about any future price increases around Disney World!

Are you bummed about this new price increase in Disney parks? Let us know in the comments!

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6 Replies to “Several Character Dining Experiences Have Gotten a Price Increase at Disney World”

  1. We also used to go regularly but stopped a few years ago, for a few reasons, one being price (other that seeing a redwood in person is better than Soarin and the real St. Mark square is better than Epcot Italy). However, in addition to the price going up was quality continued to decline. We travel a lot, price increases every year, everywhere. However, at Disney it has been a steeper increase with cut back substantial in quality of both food and service. Even cleanliness decreased. (Yuck!). People have to get smart and just refused to go and pay the prices until quality matches the price tag. Until then, Disney will keep pushing up the price. I don’t mind paying for a better product, but it is foolish to pay more for a poorer product.

  2. Ya don’t say? It’s like the frog in the boiling water thing. Slowly but surely they go up and hope we say, “but it’s just a dollar.”

  3. Disney has gotten ridiculous with their price increases. Everything from parking to food to tickets and resorts. I used to go 5 or 6 times a year but stopped going a few years ago. It was just no longer fun and I don’t miss it a bit!

  4. Prices are becoming excessive. 5 of us at Akershus for breakfast in July 19 with tip – $300. For eggs and bacon. I expect to pay mmore for the experience but its just getting too high. This is something we have done every trip but I honestly don’t think it will be part of our next rip.