Changes Coming to the Disney Look Guidelines for Cast Members in Disney Parks

The Disney Look has been a standard of appearance for cast members in the Disney parks since 1959. Cast members face a pretty comprehensive set of guidelines and restrictions when it comes to their on-stage appearance, but changes are coming to the Disney Look to make the restrictions a little more relaxed and adapt to current trends.

Cast Members at the TRON Attraction

Walt Disney had a vision for what a Disney cast member would look like, and shortly after the opening of Disneyland, the Disney Look guidelines were codified. They regulate many aspects of appearance including piercings, tattoos, hair styling and coloring, jewelry, and undergarments.

Germany Cast Members
International Cast Members

On October 28, the Disney Look will relax some of their guidelines with relation to jewelry and facial hair. Previously, only medical alert bracelets or necklaces were allowed. Now, cast members can wear one necklace and one bracelet if they choose to.

Conversation Team Cast Member

Facial hair has been a long-debated aspect of the Disney Look. Originally, no facial hair was allowed. In 2000, mustaches were made acceptable and beards (shorter than 1/4 inch) followed suit in 2012. This was an especially welcome modification to the Look since some cast members must wear beards for religious or cultural reasons.

New Cast Costumes for Coronado Springs Resort Cast Members ©Disney

With the new changes, cast members can now grow their beards to a well-groomed full inch.

Crystal Palace Cast Member
A Cast Member entertaining a baby boy during a Crystal Palace Breakfast Buffet

As times change, it’s natural that the Disney Look guidelines will change as well, and these modifications do loosen the restrictions for cast members and address some issues of diversity.

How do you feel about these changes to the Disney Look? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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One Reply to “Changes Coming to the Disney Look Guidelines for Cast Members in Disney Parks”

  1. Even the best kept and groomed facial hair does not look as professional as a clean shave. Same goes for tattoos, tattoo free looks far better than even having 1 small visible tattoo.