FIRST LOOK at Disney’s Riviera Resort: Inside a 1-Bedroom Villa and a Deluxe Studio!

Today, Walt Disney World invited guests to Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa for a media preview of Disney’s Riviera Resort. After a tour of two model rooms, samples of the Resort’s much-anticipated dining, and a look at a model of the full Resort, we have to say we’re ready to journey to the Riviera… Disney style!

Riviera Resort as depicted on a Resort postcard

Riviera Resort Model and Amenities

The Riviera property model and two model Resort rooms have been constructed at Saratoga Springs’ Disney Vacation Club Preview Center. The Preview Center is typically open 9AM to 6PM for anyone who’s interested in learning more about DVC. We were interested in this little beauty:

RIviera Resort Model

That’s a scale model of Riviera Resort, complete with general pool shapes and landscaping. Recent photos of the Resort show that the model is pretty dead on for overall color scheme and styling.

Riviera Resort Construction Progress

Still, it was nice to be walked through some of the key elements of the design, including descriptions of the three pool/splash areas. Riviera Pool is the Resort’s main feature pool. It will be family-friendly and feature a tower-inspired slide. On the image below, Riviera Pool is the large pool toward the bottom of the photo.

Beau Soleil Pool (the near-rectangular pool to the top left of Riviera Pool) will be the Resort’s leisure (read: quiet) pool.

S’il Vous Plait (if you please) will be the kids’ waterplay area. This splash zone will be on the small open space just to the right of Riviera Pool.

Riviera Resort’s Pools

The model omits the S’il Vous Plait structures and the Riviera Pool slide, but thanks to recent concept art and on-going construction, we have a sense of how the space will look when everything is built.

Riviera Resort Concept Art ©Disney
Riviera Resort Construction Progress

The model we checked out today also shows the location of the Tower Studios. These are a first-of-their-kind room category at Walt Disney World. The Tower Studios sleep up to two guests on an innovative Murphy bed. The Tower Studios will all be located in the Resort’s tower — which is beneath the small white circle on the top left of the Resort.

Riviera Resort Model

We recently got a look at the top of the tower where a stylized RR will light up the night when the Resort opens. (We’ll see more of this RR in a bit!) A cast member at the Preview Center pointed out that the Tower Studios all face toward Epcot’s World Showcase; this is a nod to the Resort’s Italian and French inspirations.

Riviera Resort Tower Construction Progress

Unfortunately, the Preview Center didn’t have a model of a Tower Studio, so we couldn’t exactly get a sense of the size (and doesn’t have square footage listed yet). But the other model rooms do give us a look at the features that will be included in the Tower Studios, including the aforementioned Murphy bed. We’re going to take a tour of those rooms momentarily. But first: hallway decor!

Hallway Decor

The Preview Center included some peeks at hallway decor that really sets the tone for the Resort. Carpeting is in gold, blue, white, and tan — a palate that evokes European elegance.

Hallway Carpeting

But it’s not just all filigrees and delicate patterns. Because this. is. Disney! Can you spot a friend among the frills?

Hallway Carpeting

How ’bout now? Yes, indeed, that’s Minnie Mouse swirling her fabulous self in a Hidden Minnie! We’re ready for a necklace with this design, please-and-thank-you.

Can you see her?

Lighting in the hallway consists of this stained-glass-esque dome light. We’d like one of these, too. (Merch gods? Can you hear our call?)

Hallway Lighting

The elegantly appointed corridor leads to two equally-spiffy models: a 1-Bedroom Villa and a Deluxe Studio. We’ll start in the 1-Bedroom Villa.

1-Bedroom Villa

Riviera Resort’s 1-Bedroom Villa is a study in opulent materials and tasteful design… with tiny nods to Disney. The entry is lit by this stunner: a crystal fixture that throws light through the foyer and front hallway.

Foyer and Hallway

A large kitchen with a full-size oven and stove, a microwave, a coffee maker, and loads of storage lines one side of the living space.


Across from the kitchenette is a banquette, dining table, and dining chairs. The space features lots of great lighting: sconces, ceiling uplights, and large pendants.

Dining and Living Spaces

The 1-Bedroom Villa mixes and matches fabrics with bright pops of blue and orange. We’re loving the orange toile on the banquette!

Dining and Living

The living space is anchored by a (magical) blue couch and two orange armchairs. Side tables are designed to save space.

Living Space

The armchairs are backed by a (faux, in this case) view of the balcony beyond.

Living Space

The coffee table is a solid piece in a room with soft fabrics and patterns.

Living Space

Curtains offer a little lightness along with lots of blue.


Every room in the Riviera will have a balcony. In the case of the 1-Bedroom Villa, there are actually two entrances to the balcony. This slider is off the living space, and the bedroom has a second slider. This will be a great feature for families when parents want to enjoy the balcony, and the kids are crashing in the living room.

Balcony Views

Another gor-geous light casts fabulous shadows.

Living Room Light

Now onto the real show in the room: the Murphy bed. These are a feature of Riviera Resort, with the 3-Bedroom Grand Villa being the only room category not described as having a “queen-size pull-down bed.”

Here’s the integration: you don’t need to move the couch to pull down the Murphy bed; rather the couch simple turns down and becomes a brace for the bed. These cast members gave a demo.

Murphy Bed

Just grab a handle and give it a pull. Definitely looks like a two-person job, but if you’re flying solo in a Tower Studio, just be careful and flex those muscles.

Lowering the Murphy Bed

When the bed is down, this sweet Peter Pan artwork is revealed. We love the muted tones and charming details.

Murphy Bed

This is a queen-size bed, and it does take up a lot of floor space. But you’ll be sleeping so no biggie.

Murphy Bed

There’s also some clever storage on both sides of the cased opening: three small cubbies where you can keep all of your bedtime stuff hidden away during the day. The second cubby has — thank you, designers — a plug for charging.

Hidden Storage

Across from the bed is a large wall-mounted television. And below the television…

TV and Single Bed

…a pull-down single bed! Look at that Mickey and Pluto in repose. So cute.

Single Bed and MICKEY

In the bedroom of the 1-Bedroom Villa is a king-size bed with some truly notable details.


A tufted headboard adds loads of softness and glamour.


And the headboard carvings bring a touch of the Mouse to the scene.

Bedroom Details

The 1-Bedroom Villa has a walk-in shower adjacent to a toilet, two separate bathroom sink areas (one with double sinks), and a bathtub-shower combo.

1-Bedroom Villa Shower

Pocket doors between these spaces allow them to be used simultaneously.

Rain Shower Head

The 1-Bedroom Villa also has a washer and dryer, so if you never want to leave, you won’t have to. 😉

Washer and Dryer
Washer and Dryer

And finally, an expected but thoughtful detail: a small little shelf near the room’s entry where you can drop keys, your camera, MagicBands — whatever. Such a clever idea. (You’ll find this in the Deluxe Studio, too!)

Deluxe Studio

The second model in the Preview is a Deluxe Studio. This space — like the 1-Bedroom Villa — sleeps up to five.

Deluxe Studio Living

The living space features this soft teal sofa which, unsurprisingly, pulls down into a queen-size bed.

Living Space

Just as the Murphy bed in the Villa, the couch here doesn’t have to be pushed out of the way; just pull it down and climb on in!

Living Space

The living space also has a couple of armchairs and a big oval mirror for making sure you look as fabulous as the space around you. (Or, you know, making sure you don’t have ketchup on your shirt.)

Seating Space
Seating Space

Just feet away from the Murphy bed is a queen size bed with a large padded headboard. (Check out those linear sconces, too!)

Sleeping Space

Storage here is copious. Look how much space is saved for you under the bed! Insert suitcases and forget it!

Sleeping Space

As with all of the spaces, there’s great Disney-fied artwork in here.

Sleeping Space

Across from the couch and bed is a wall-mounted television and a pull-down single bed.

Television and Single Bed

This colorful design reminds us of Rapunzel’s paintings. Is that Pascal? Why, yes, yes it is. I call the single!

Single Bed

The kitchenette in the Deluxe Studio is small but functional.


No stove in this room, but you’ll have a full-size microwave and coffee maker.


A toaster and storage are tucked into this narrow cabinet, too.


The bathroom set-up in the Deluxe Studio is pretty great. There’s a walk-in shower in the space with the toilet, a single sink with some counter space, and a separate bathtub-shower combo.

Shower and Toilet
Walk-In Shower
Refillable Toiletries
Bathroom Sink
Tub-Shower Combo

Artwork in the Riviera rooms is something to behold. Even this seemingly scenic painting on the Murphy Bed in this room has a little secret… a quick little a secret… one that eats losers for breakfast…

Deluxe Studio Artwork

It’s Lightning McQueen!

We see you, Lightning!

Details in the curtains include the RR symbol we see throughout the Resort.

Riviera RR Curtains

A slider leads to the balcony in the Deluxe Studio. We’re loving the simulated view, but we’re REALLY looking forward to the real thing.


Simple seating means long nights enjoying the tropical air.

Balcony Details

And enjoying the little details. Hello, Mickey!

Balcony Details

And with that, we left the Riviera Resort models… and had a chance to sample some of the Resort’s eats and drinks! That’s a nibble for another day (tomorrow… we’ll post about it tomorrow). But for now: sweet dreams from the Riviera!

Are you excited to try Riviera Resort? Let us know what you think in the comments! 

Disclosure: We were invited by Walt Disney World to attend the media preview of Riviera Resort. This did not affect our reporting of the event — our opinions are our own.

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  1. Hi – The picture you pointed out Lightning McQueen in seems to have other “weenies” on it too. Look under the building on the right. Do you see a face? Is it Pluto, Donald or someone else? Look at the right side of the face – there is a vintage car grill with a headlight mounted on either side of it. The one nearest you looks attached to the face’s mouth, turning the mouth into the front fender of a 1930’s-40’s car. At the bottom from left towards center, it looks like back plates from Stegasaurus. In the center, the arches in the viaducts remind me of the “face” grills on the boilers in the Tower of Terror queue.

    I’m beginning to think there are more “weenies” hidden in there, you just need to change the viewing angle to see them.