The Best (and Worst) Places to Get PIZZA in Walt Disney World!

Pizza. Pie. Za. Slice. No matter what you call it — it’s delicious!

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So, where do you go when you’re in Walt Disney World and you have a hankering for some pizza? We have you covered!

Here are our three favorite pizza spots around the World — and one of our least favorites.

1. Via Napoli

Mezzo Metro Pizza

The hands-down winner for the best pizza in Disney World is Via Napoli. Located in EPCOT’s Italy Pavilion, this full-service restaurant is divine. Disney built specialty ovens, named after well-known Italian volcanoes Etna, Vesuvius, and Stromboli, to ensure the pizza would be cooked as close to Naples’ pizza as possible. We’ve also been told by servers all of the ingredients are imported from Italy — TBD if that is completely true or just a delightful story.

Via Napoli Pizza Ovens

Via Napoli serves various sizes of pizza, from individual to a half-meter-long pizza. You can build your own or choose from several menu selections. My favorite has prosciutto and melon on it, which sounds insane, but it’s amazing. Trust me. (They have regular toppings like pepperoni, too, for the little ones or less adventurous eaters.)


For the best pizza in Disney World, head to Via Napoli. And if you can’t get a reservation or don’t want to sit for too long, check to see if their pizza window Pizza al Taglio is open.

2. California Grill

Garden Heirloom Pizza

Way above the Magic Kingdom on the top of the Contemporary Resort is one of the most popular restaurants in all of Walt Disney World: California Grill.

California Grill

California Grill is widely known for its extensive wine list and killer views of the fireworks. Their menu features a little bit of everything — contemporary twists on classics.

The Pizza!

One of their consistently changing but always delicious items are their pizzas. They are certainly more upscale than your typical pie, featuring farm-fresh ingredients and changing seasonally. Currently, the 50th Anniversary prix-fixe meal features a duck a l’orange pizza.


3. Blaze Pizza

Blaze Hot Chicken Pizza

Looking for a quick and delicious pie that you get to create all on your own? Then head to Blaze Fast-fire’d Pizza in Disney Springs! This joint is kinda like a Chipotle setup, but with pizza. Like a pizza assembly line, you start by selecting your crust, sauce, and meat, and then pile it high with any toppings you like!

Getting some ‘za

The pizzas can be eaten individually if you’re hungry, or grab a side salad and split the meal with a friend. Kids will especially love this one because they get to be in control of what tops their meal!


Least Favorite: PizzeRizzo

PizzeRizzo Cheese Pizza


Sorry Rizzo — this is not a personal attack on you. We love the Muppets!


But we do not love this pizza. It’s the same as other pizzas in Disney parks — those round individual ones like at Pizzafari or several resort food courts. You know the ones — pillowy crust and not a lot of flavor going on. They are just meh, and truthfully, you can order better pizza from a national chain at home. Kids will probably eat them, and heck, even enjoy them. But if you can avoid these and eat at a pizza joint with better pizza, then we highly recommend it.


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Where is your favorite place to get pizza in Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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16 Replies to “The Best (and Worst) Places to Get PIZZA in Walt Disney World!”

  1. We didn’t like Via Napoli. I feel out of synch with other Disney pizza fans! I’m wondering if I’d actually love PizzaRizzo. I think maybe I prefer cheap-tasting pizza over the fancy stuff. I know. I’m weird…..

  2. Puck Express in Disney Springs also has good pizza. Haven’t been to his new Table Service restaurant but if their pizza is like the Express or his restaurants in Atlantic City and Las Vegas it should also be good.
    The flatbread pizzas at Mama Melrose are also good and probably not much more than whatever it is Pizza Rizzo is serving.

  3. Danger, Will Robinson! You suggested the Pizza al Taglio window if someone can’t get into Via Napoli. Beware that the pizza window does NOT serve the same pizza you get inside Via Napoli. It is a very different style and, in my opinion, not nearly as good. Better than PizzaRizzo, but not representative of what Via Napoli offers.

  4. I will never understand how PizzeRizzo did not come back as a by-the-slice pizza place! How is it okay to serve the worst pizza in WDW from a restaurant themed after the city that serves the best pizza in America? Love the Muppets, love the theming, this is a missed opportunity.

    1. I agree with Gina. Disney really blew it with poor PizzeRizzo. If it’s supposed to be NY, then you need those lovely foldable slices. They already serve “monster” slices as a QS meal at resort food courts. Why not here? While my son is fine with the pizza pucks served all over property, I’m sure they could pack this place if they served decent slices and maybe calzones.

  5. Via Napoli pizza for $22.00 to $48.00 – No thanks. I’ll wait to get home where I can make a 18″ NY style all organic pizza for under $8.00

    1. A quattro formaggi pizza for $45 is simply amazing and huge and will easily feed 4 adults. And your in a beauiful restaurant in Epcot. And you would rather eat a “SURE” it’s organic pizza for $8. If you think your getting organic dough, cheese and topping’s on an18” pizza I have a First edition superman comic to sell you.

  6. I have to agree with Via Napoli for sure. Pizza Rizzo is essentially a DiGornio frozen pizza, it’s meh. I have read that upstairs is set up like a 1980’s wedding so I may go just to see that.

      1. Via Napoli serves the absolute worst pizza I’ve ever eaten. And the prices are ridiculously high . Our pizza was raw, we sent it back 3 times then gave up , paid the bill and left. And the server was very rude when we told him that we could not eat the pizza .The manager came over and did not seem to care that we could not eat it, and did not even offer us any compensation for a terrible meal. I will never go back there again .