Construction Updates: Disney Skyliner System Nears Completion!

The Disney Skyliner system construction is really coming along!

Skyliner Gondola

This new mode of Disney transportation is set to open this fall, although it looks like it could possibly open sooner based on the amount of progress we’ve seen recently.

The Disney Skyliner gondolas will transport guests to and from Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with stops and transfer points at Pop Century/Art of Animation, Caribbean Beach Resort and the new Riviera Resort due to open in December.

Though many people are really excited about this new way of getting around the Walt Disney World resort, others are hesitant.

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In terms of construction, then, how far along is the project? Well, we went around to Art of Animation and Hollywood Studios today to check it out.

Hollywood Studios Skyliner Construction Update

A few signs have been put up at or near the Skyliner Station at Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios Skyliner Signs

We also saw a few directional signs, which will soon point people to the station.

Hollywood Studios Skyliner Signs

On top of that, we saw a few safety signs that point out capacity limits for the gondolas. As you can see, there’s maximum of 10 guests per gondola, or only six if there is a wheelchair or ECV.

Hollywood Studios Skyliner Signs
Hollywood Studios Skyliner Signs

Art of Animation Disney Skyliner Construction

Lots of work is being done on and near the Art of Animation Skyliner Station. And by the looks of it, things are getting pretty close to complete.

Art of Animation Skyliner Station

We noticed a few Cast Members and a gondola at the station itself.

Art of Animation Skyliner Station


Walkway around Art of Animation Skyliner Station


The restrooms are still blocked off, but look to be ready to open at any moment.

Art of Animation Skyliner Station Restroom


Art of Animation Skyliner Station Restroom


The landscaping in the area is beginning to look finished as well. Fingers crossed that this means the Skyliner will be running in time for the big Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening on August 29!

Disney Skyliner Water Rescue

Have you ever wondered how Disney is going to evacuate a gondola if it breaks down over water? Well, today we spotted a Disney Skyliner Rescue Barge which will be used to transport guests across the water if need be.

Disney Skyliner Rescue Barge

The barge has multiple levels and a few life rafts. We noticed it near The Lion King and Little Mermaid sections of the Art of Animation Resort.

Are you excited to ride the new Disney Skyliner Gondolas? Let us know in the comments below! 

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5 Replies to “Construction Updates: Disney Skyliner System Nears Completion!”

  1. My thoughts in this is the security of it. This is not inside the parks but going across streets, cars and such.

  2. Can I get a “pinky promise” from all commenters to refrain from speculating how hot the gondolas will be? Thank you in advance.

    1. Nope, was on a Toy Story bus in California on which the AC wasn’t working, but they were using the same passive cooking tech that these Gondolas were using and it was barely tolerable while moving, but when stopped it was unbearably hot. And the temperature outside was only 70, so this passive cooking is a terrible idea and the cabins are going to be extremely uncomfortable, at least that is my prediction.

      1. I am not exactly how hot it will be but the bus I don’t think (?) has air vents on the front and below your feet. And of course a bus having and engine, it could be even hotter depending where you seat. They have had the old style at MK back in the day but of course it was open air. I am sure if they have issues they would address them. And with this testing, they might be doing dry runs of them with cast members, or maybe wet ones if it is that hot and they are sweating. I can’t wait to test them out tho.