Lyft is Announced as the Official Rideshare Company of Disneyland and Disney World

Disney has been working with the rideshare company Lyft since the company began providing the Minnie Van service in 2017.

Minnie Van

Today, Disney has announced that Lyft will be the official rideshare company for both Disneyland and Disney World.

This partnership with Lyft comes just in time for the ending of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge reservation-only period at Disneyland, as of June 23.

The Orange County Register has also shared that, “taxis, Uber, and other rideshare operators will continue to be able to use the Disneyland pickup/dropoff area on Harbor Boulevard,” they will just not be able to drop off and pick up riders in the designated Lyft locations.

Lyft has stated that “O.C. locals and tourists can say goodbye to the days of parking ‘far, far away,'” with this new partnership.

Disneyland has also been working hard on the expansion of a parking structure, along with new parking options that they hope will be able to assist with some of the parking frustrations associated with an increase in park visitors.

Millennium Falcon at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

This partnership with Lyft is even more appealing because the Mickey and Friends Parking structure, which is being expanded, is 3/4-mile away from the Disneyland entrance. On top of that, parking rates saw a 25 percent increase in January 2019.

Disney has also revealed that, “Lyft and Disney will be enhancing the app experience at the Walt Disney World Resort. The update will make it easier to request a Minnie Van ride, find the most convenient pickup location, and even select a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.”

What do you think of this new partnership? Let us know in the comments below! 

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4 Replies to “Lyft is Announced as the Official Rideshare Company of Disneyland and Disney World”

  1. Pay no attention to the free Disney transportation. Pay for Lyft of which Disney is getting a cut. Disney has perfected the “money grab” like no other business ever. Just read that they are now having special extra ticketed events inside the current extra ticketed events also. Can’t make this stuff up.

    1. What in the world is your problem, Ken? Why are you here to whine about Disney on every post?

      As for this particular complaint, it’s nonsense. How is it a “money grab” to offer an alternative alongside “free Disney transportation?” No ones forcing you to use it, but others can if they find it valuable. That’s a win-win to everyone but Disney-hating grumps.

      1. My point is that the Disney transportation system that every visitor is already paying for in the cost of their tickets is getting slower, over crowded and unreliable. So Disney’s answer is not to resolve those issues, but to say “hey, if you want to get somewhere on time, in comfort just dig in your pocket and spend some more money. “ And while you are now paying extra to take a Lyft cause the bus isn’t going to get you there, Disney is making a boat load money off their Lyft contract and I’m guessing they are not investing any of that into adding more trams, buses or monorails. It’s just one of many services and amenities that used to be included in the price of admission that’s now costing extra. If I have got any of this wrong, please correct me.

        1. It’s almost like more people going to Disney (because it’s so terrible, naturally), adds strain to existing infrastructure. But if your concern is over-crowding then you should welcome anything that adds capacity. People choosing to use Lyft = less strain on Disney’s other systems. Just like I said, win-win…unless you’re a Disney-hating troll. Then everything is terrible and confirms your priors.