10 Disney Tweets That Are Speaking Our Truth

When scrolling through Twitter, we spotted a few Disney tweets that are totally speaking our daily truths! These sum up our day to day life struggles and don’t worry, you don’t have to love Disney to enjoy these tweets!

College in a nutshell. 

@confessionsofablonde on Twitter

@empukofficial on Twitter
@tifaia on Twitter

Because you can never have too many dogs. 

@MalloryRoelke on Twitter
@daysgonedisney Twitter

If he can find love, we can too…right?

@trainyourbf on Twitter


@SproutCents on Twitter


I knew it. I knew it! 


@disney_quality on Twitter


@empukofficial on Twitter

I promise it’s for your safety. 

@umpukofficial on Twitter

A big thanks to umpukofficial, disney_quality, SproutCents, trainyourbf, daysgonedisney, MalloryRoelke, tiafia, and confessionsofablonde accounts on Twitter for helping us speak our truths, Disney-style!

Do any of these describe your life? Let us know in the comments below! 


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