Park-Specific Reusable Bags Debut in Walt Disney World

We are starting to see park-specific reusable bags in the Disney World parks, as part of Disney’s previously announced goal of reducing plastics in its resorts and parks.

Reusable Bags in World of Disney

These are in addition to the reusable bags that were introduced when World of Disney reopened in Disney Springs last October.

We saw our first park-specific bag this week in Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios Reusable Bags

The Hollywood Studios Bag features the Tower of Terror, Luxo and Green Army Men from Toy Story Land, The Hollywood Studios iconic architecture in the entrance to the park, Mickey Mouse, and a Star Wars AT-AT.

The reusable bags are available in three sizes, small ($1), medium ($1.50), and large ($2.00) — discounts do not apply. Last week, when a member of the team was in World of Disney they were given the option to purchase a reusable bag. If a bag was not purchased the items were placed in the usual plastic shopping bags.

Have you seen the park-specific bags yet? Have you purchased one? Let us know what you think of this “going green” effort in the comments below!

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4 Replies to “Park-Specific Reusable Bags Debut in Walt Disney World”

  1. I wonder how many old plastic bags are needed to make one of these new ones. If it is more than one bag, then discarding it because it rips is not resulting in any environmental advantage—they would just be making money for Disney. At least the bags you can get at a grocery store are a bit stronger.

  2. Sounds like a “positive”, “green” thing to do. However, I feel it is just another way to get more of our money.
    I shopped at a Disney store last week and they no longer put your purchase in bags unless you pay for one of their reusable bags.
    In theory it’s a good practice, in real life it is just another money grab.

  3. i don’t mind this, and if you plan ahead it really shouldn’t affect anything. i would like to see plastic bags phased out everywhere to be honest, and with so many places giving out reusable bags as tchotchkes at events and whatnot, you really could go through life not having to ever buy any. just bring some from home if you don’t want to buy at the parks, it’s not like they take up any space in the suitcase. i might get one at each park next trip and call it a day. just remember to bring them with you each day.